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The eco cars offer many advantages to the consumers.

Tax benefits

In order to encourage people towards picking a more environmentally friendly car the government offers a certain amount of tax deduction. Moreover a lot of money is saved when there is low amount of fuel consumed.

Also when you are getting your car insured, you need to pay a considerable low cost of insurance as there are lower risks of car accidents when compared with other vehicles and are less likely to face theft.

Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The very important advantage of driving an eco friendly car is its low level emission of toxic gasses such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. Theses environmental friendly cars are fuel efficient too, since they consume little amount of fuel they produce little amount of these gasses. With the use of biodiesel or ethanol in hybrid cars as an alternate to gasoline, the reduction of toxic substances is achieved to 97 percent.

 In case of electric cars there are 0 level emissions of these gasses resulting in a healthier and cleaner environment.

Faster Commuting Times

 As an encouragement  for the buyers to opt for an eco car, in many countries the highways are adding the separate lanes that are specific for eco cars only and therefore the commuting times has lessen to a considerable level making the commuting faster than expected.

 Energy Security

 Oil is a precious limited resource that will eventually come to an end. Electric cars and hybrid cars support to save this limited fuel and helping the environment.

Power Efficiency

Since these cars run on electricity power remains constant at both high and low speeds. They are less weighty, easy to handle and do not require a change of transmission to run the engine at full power.