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G-code Hydrogen Powered Spaceship Car!


Mercedes-Benz opened a design studio and introduces a Landrover study in Beijing. Here, the Swabians have apparently “Star Trek” as a model. The spectacular study vehicle Mercedes-Benz begins to catch up. The manufacturer has invested 112 million euros in a research and development center in Beijing. Core of the project is a studio for “Advanced Design”, which is to be taken over by Hubert Lee. Lee now heads the corresponding center in Carlsbad, California, near Los Angeles. The former Mercedes design studio in Tokyo was abandoned.

With the new Development and Design Center Stuttgart want to make up for the lead that have worked especially Audi, BMW but also, more than a decade with their Chinese partners. Symbol for the dawn is the study G-code, widely permitted with Daimler a look into the future of the automobile. At first glance, the compact rear-door looks relatively unspectacular; gently styled body is characterized by flowing lines and a sympathetic look. With a length of 4.10 meters, a height of 1.50 meters and a width of 1.90 meters, the study matches the size of current compact crossover vehicles.

Retractable roof rails

It stands on 21-inch wheels with spokes made of carbon fiber composite and has a retractable roof rails. The LED module in the headlights swung like a compact camera. As with the study-G-Force from 2012, the daytime running lights are known as “G” pronounced here but constantly to the outside.

The relatively close to production-looking skin should not obscure the visionary nature of the study – because she has what it takes. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz “spacey” called front end is dominated by a radiator dummy, which granted by light show information on the selected drive. The style element is to remember the manufacturer to the “Warp main drive” of the starship “Enterprise”.

Hydrogen drive a bluff

In the state of pseudo-grille lights blue during electrical operation run blue light-stars from the outside in; in the hybrid mode, in which the combustor operates with, red is added and the color changed to violet. In hybrid sports mode, finally, the fiery red star pushing outward.

The forms of energy are remarkable. The painting, as Daimler, can not only absorb solar energy, but it also charges the wind on -both in a moving car at a standstill and, if not exactly there is no wind. The strokes of the hydraulic landing gear will also be used for energy and converted into electricity.


Activation of G-code with your smartphone

Taken to the extreme is the futuristic production in the interior, which is mounted on opposing doors. Once the G-code is activated via smartphone, puts the instrument panel in position, the steering wheel unfolds, and the air vents come out. The mirrors are displayed in the dashboard. And as the lives of the target group should focus on smartphone, various functions can be displayed.

With its spa-enactment of the G-code touches even the districts of the para-science: Press “photosynthetic emission washes” the air is “cleaned naturally and then ionized”.

No wonder that Daimler speaks of the “fantastic features” of the G-code; he was describing “pathways which could one day be viewed by our grandchildren as prior art”. Delightfully, the study is all – and it is hoped that their beneficial unaggressive appearance earlier entry into the series takes as its technical visions.