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Somewhere Someone Owns a Tantalizing Chocolate Car


It has been a childhood fancy to have a chocolate world, since many read “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  Though today we will not be talking about chocolate world, but a chocolate car.

How about someone close to you gifting you a chocolate car?

You liked the idea? Yes, it is not the case with you readers, but there is someone somewhere that gifted a chocolate car in Japan to love one.

The car was limited edition option that came in 2011, from Mercedes Benz that believes in thinking smartly. The vehicle was designed by Q-Pot and had patterns similar to chocolate bar that made up the car body.

The best part is that the vehicle was launched near to Valentine Day, but targeted bosses, work colleagues and any person close close to you irrespective of gender. The vehicle also acted as an option that could be given on White day too. The White Day is the day just after the Valentine Day where the Japanese return gift to those who have gifted them different things.

The vehicle targeted a small chunk of market, which had the purchasing power and will to purchase vehicle. The car is made hard to resist with each and every part feel like eatable. There are two doors available and falls under the kei car. The interior is made normal looking to work on the comfort factor. The speedometer is painted as if real chocolate melted to cover the meter box. The car reflects the love of someone who know that the receiver of gift is a hard core chocolate fan.

Being part of Japan, it has the economy, reliability and out of the box thinking best reflected in the product.

The video that was made during the one time launch of this vehicle is as follows:

Chocolate car unveiled by itnnews

Enjoyed it? Think of the experience of someone who is driving it.