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The most valuable car brands of 2014

Once a year the top 100 ranking of the most valuable brands in the world published by the American market research firm “Interbrand”. That in the “Best Global Brands” ranking mass consumer brands like Apple (1st place), Google (2nd place) and Coca Cola (No. 3) are quite far forward, not surprising. But among the top 100 brands in the world, there are also some car manufacturers and also a ranking of the top car brands in the world. For Interbrand, Toyota remains the most valuable car brand in the world. According to the latest “Best Global Brands 2014” the consulting firm Interbrand…. the Japanese carmaker has increased its brand value year on year by 20 percent, occupy first place among automobile manufacturers as last year. In addition, Toyota achieved across industries eighth (previous rank ten) among the biggest brands in the world. As can Volkswagen – competitor of Toyota when it comes to the crown of the world’s biggest car-maker – only marvel. While Toyota has a brand value of 42.4 billion dollars, Volkswagen is only comparatively modest 13.71 billion U.S. dollars. That is only enough space for 31 in the cross-industry ranking and only for 5th place among the top 10 car brands.

Most German car brand and most valuable premium car brand in the world is the way Mercedes-Benz. U.S. market research firm sees Mercedes-Benz in 2nd place behind Toyota in the top 10 car brands. Third place was awarded to BMW. Here are the top 10 ranking of the most valuable car brands of 2014.

Rank Car brand

Value in billion U.S. $

1 Toyota 42.39
2 Mercedes-Benz 34.34
3 BMW 34.21
4 Honda 26.67
5 Volkswagen 13.72
6 Ford 10.88
7 Hyundai 10.41
8 Audi 9.83
9 Nissan 7.62
10 Porsche 7.17