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Full article:Zimbabwe Under the Wings Of SBT Japan

Zimbabwe Under the Wings Of SBT Japan

Zimbabwe is a landlock country so like any other used car exporter, who use sea as the medium of transportation, it was a challenge to cater this market. SBT Japan has invested greater amount of resources to best satisfy the transportation need of this country. Previously it was about placing advertisements in newspapers online and...

Full article:Advertisement- The Killer Text in Accidents

Advertisement- The Killer Text in Accidents

We see a number of campaigns to inform drivers of the potential accident, while driving. Yet companies are still investing in generating awareness to show the implications of text messages and other distractin...

Full article:What’s THAT? Rubik’s Cube Made Out of CITROENS Cars!!!!

What’s THAT? Rubik’s Cube Made Out of CITROENS Cars!!!!

Since the introduction of the Rubik’s cube and its popularity in the 80’s, it as never been too easy for me to solve the trick box completely. The mostly i have been able to achieve is two complete sides with a fraction of a third. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube which...

Full article:Hilarious MERCEDES BENZ & JAGUAR Advertisement Rivalry!!

Hilarious MERCEDES BENZ & JAGUAR Advertisement Rivalry!!

It is one of the most entertaining things to watch a rivalry between two competitors. The automobile industry is full of such rivalries that are triggered on the platform of advertisements. One of the most interesting rivalries at the moment is that of Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. Mercedes Benz has positioned themselves as one of...

Full article:Christmas Campaign 2013 Winner!!

Christmas Campaign 2013 Winner!!

“FIND ATTACHED THE PHOTO of My Tablet which I got from SBT as a Christmas Gift on my purchases ,I would like to thank Muhammad Junaid and all SBT team for all Support , Assistance and providing me best Condition Cars.” Muteto Namasiku Zambia...

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Full article:Share & Win Contest Winner!!

Share & Win Contest Winner!!

SBT Japan Share & Win Campaign is one of the unique campaigns ever to run on Facebook by any company or individual. The application became popular among Facebook fans since we got massive likes and shares on our Facebook page.  The 1st  prize is an Iphone 5 S, 2nd prize is an Apple Ipad 3...

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Full article:SBT Christmas Gift Campaign

SBT Christmas Gift Campaign

SBT Christmas Gift Campaign was initiated on 5th Dec 2013 and last up to 15th Dec 2013. The customer who bought 5,10,15 and 20 cars will be eligible for gifts divided in the category A, B,C and D. The eligible customers will be announced shortly on our official Facebook page and blog! hence keep an eye...

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Full article:Facebook Share & Win Contest

Facebook Share & Win Contest

SBT facebook Share & Win Contest is Launching Very Soon! The objective of this contest is to encourage our fans to like and share our Facebook posts with their friends and win exciting prizes on sharing each post maximum number of times. There will be 3 Prizes: First prize: Apple Iphone 5S 16 GB 1st...

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Full article:Terms and Conditions-Lucky Draw 2013

Terms and Conditions-Lucky Draw 2013

The campaign will start from 1st August 13 and will be ended till we reach 100,000 facebook likes. The winner must be over 18 (eighteen ) years of age on or before 1st July 2013. The Lucky draw shall be held within one week of the date we will reach 100K likes,SBT Japan will announce...

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