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Advertisement- The Killer Text in Accidents


We see a number of campaigns to inform drivers of the potential accident, while driving. Yet companies are still investing in generating awareness to show the implications of text messages and other distracting business on road.

Audi has also launched multiple campaigns for its customers to make sure that they have a safe drive. Yet the most simple and effective campaign one might come across is the print advertisement that gained attention.

Before checking email on road, even when the road is traffic free, keep this in mind that animals wait for none. So make sure that instead of sending and receiving email focus on work in hand, that is driving.

Oops! It happens that you might have to do something important that can not wait. In such case push the emergency button and brake after a few minutes. The speed should be slow and steady with putting off the eyes from road when you have stopped the car completely. As urgency might be a necessity but life is priority that might be in danger.


Here is another example where you have an urgent surge to put eyes off road, even for a second. But remember there might be a killer in front of you. It kills because you lack focus.


These were simple campaigns where the white letters represented threat leading to accidents.