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What Message Does Your Car Sends To The World?


Your car is not just the medium of transportation, rather it sends message across world about who you are. It helps in shaping perception of people about you. So before you choose your next car make sure you know the signal it portrays for you.

Social Status

It is said that your car tells your social status. If you are a white collar worker it is expected that you will be going for economical versions of car, while a CEO drives luxury only.



In many places around world, the car determines who will be driving out first. Taking the example of Toyota, if it is between Toyota Vitz, Corolla and LandCruiser; the most expensive one will be leaving from parking first. In this case it will be Land Cruiser.



The Luxury is not something exclusive to you, rather those around you also keep a close eye on the luxury that your car offers. Your worth is determined by the luxury option you drive.



The latest the technology of the car is, which may be the upgraded model or the enhanced features, the better will be your reputation in surrounding.


It is highly recommended by many that it is better to get latest used car rather than an economical brand new car. What do you suggest?