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Full article:Toyota Range That Suits Your Personality

Toyota Range That Suits Your Personality

Retaining the position that Toyota has in world market is hard enough. It is said that retaining customers is more expensive than acquiring one. So in order to remain in game Toyota has always gone extra mile to satisfy the maximum number of customers. It is because of this that we see different range of...

Full article:How to Buy Japanese Used Car?

How to Buy Japanese Used Car?

Japanese Used Car are best value of money, because one is able to get economical price option in best quality from there.The Masho fee charged by Japanese governemnt makes resident sell their car after two year. Because of this 100s of auction houses sell thousands of quality cars every day. It can have from scrap...

Full article:Mozambique Intertek-Car Import Check

Mozambique Intertek-Car Import Check

Intertek is the body that is responsible for the domain of importing different goods to Mozambique. The cars are no exception; hence they have to get approved by Intertek before importing it. Your import of us...

Full article:Mongolia And The Car Import

Mongolia And The Car Import

Mongolia is a country that imports a number of vehicles every year. Although many people donot know about the import policy leading to ratifying of relation between the importer and exporter. It has been obser...

Full article:Top 4 Best Selling SUVs

Top 4 Best Selling SUVs

Lets take a closer view of top five SUVs exported from Japan, they are chosen to be discussed here after thorough market research, automobile industry expert's views and the five star rating they have received! Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota land Cruiser is known as large and spacious SUV , one which the most popular Sports...

Full article:Best Japanese Used Cars Under 5000USD

Best Japanese Used Cars Under 5000USD

Buying a perfectly running, low mileage and well-maintained car under 500USD is a dream come true. With the rapidly growing inflation, fuel prices and car prices an average buyer always prefer to go for used cars. Japanese used cars which falls under the category of good grades and most demanded vehicles around the globe are...