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30 Car Care Hacks That Will Extend Your Vehicle Age

30 car care hacks sbt

The car is a precious asset that many use daily for their travels. To avoid incidents, a few tricks are often enough. Here are the most important. If you are looking for effective and low-cost methods to take care of your cars for sale in Kenya. You need to pay attention because you can thoroughly clean your four-wheeler without spending and using ecological products. Please note, it is often told us that it is important to take care of the things you own. This valuable advice also applies to our cars, machines that need care and attention. Here are our tips for avoiding damage caused by carelessness and distraction.

Below are effective, easy and low cost Ways, can extend your used cars for sale durability. A used car owner can start to pay attention on interior and exterior i.e. Car interior cleaning: Cockpit, Seat covers, Air conditioning system, washing of leather seats and Neutralize odors. Car exterior cleaning: Wiper blades, Windscreen, Repair minor scratches and Polish the bodywork as well as Rims.

  1. Prevention Is Better

A well Known advertisement some time ago used the slogan: “Prevention is better than cure”. It applies to the human body, but also to our cars. Regular car maintenance will allow us not to have to face extraordinary expenses. For example, burnt oil can seriously damage the engine, monitoring the condition of the filters is always useful. In England they use an acronym – TOWBIF, which stands for Tires, Oil, Windows, Brakes, Interior, Fluids (to remind you of what it takes to take care of your car.

  1. Clean The Interior

To clean the interior of the car, a car driver recommend that you first use a vacuum cleaner and then, for a deeper cleaning, a damp cloth. Instead of using polluting, expensive and chemical-laden detergents, a car driver recommend using a shampoo for delicate hair diluted with a little water. In fact, with shampoo you can eliminate stains by taking care of the interior perfectly.

  1. Hand Off The Gear

How many drivers make the mistake of driving with their hand resting on the gear lever? A car driver  must think that – even if unwittingly – in this way a slight pressure is exerted which forces the selector forks to come into contact with the rotating collar, causing unnecessary friction that wears the materials , decreasing their potential resistance and durability.

  1. Dirt In Tank

A car driver had already talked about it some time.  Letting the tank warning light come on is not good for our car. The reason? In this way, dirt and dust settle on the bottom of the tank, reaching the filters and the fuel pump, damaging them.

  1. Turbo Cool

Do you have a turbo car? You should know that your turbocharger needs a few minutes longer than the engine to cool down. The advice a car driver give you is to keep the engine running for a few moments after parking. This prevents the bearing from breaking .

  1. Low Rev

Keeping the engine revs low allows us to save on fuel. The problem arises when a car driver exaggerate, when the gear is too high compared to the speed a car driver are going. In this way an unnatural effort is required from the engine, endangering the tightness of the cylinder heads. Obviously, the reverse is also true. Making the engine scream, using too low a gear for a high speed accelerates wear.

  1. On The Clutch

If your cars for sale in Kenya has the clutch that detaches at the top, but this apply in general to all cars, keeping your foot constantly resting on the pedal will only overheat the clutch, causing wear. Better to place your foot on the floor to the left of the pedal.

  1. A Little Tip

Insert the first and the rear only when the car is completely stationary.

  1. To Repair Minor Scratches On The Bodywork

In fact, to eliminate   and prevent rust from forming, clean them with dish soap, water and a cloth. Then apply car wax.

  1. Protect The Door Seals

To keep the door seals soft and elastic, a car driver recommends that you periodically apply a deer sebum cream to all seals

  1. Allow To Circulate Properly

Especially in the winter months, to defrost the car more quickly, many tend to rev the engine. Or, if a car driver  are in a hurry, a car driver  leave immediately after turning on the car, perhaps because a car driver  are late. The problem is that at startup the lubricant has to be radiated from the oil pump, which takes a few seconds to circulate properly.

  1. Read Booklet

In the book “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu advised to know your enemy. Perhaps the comparison is excessive, but knowing the meaning of the warning lights on the dashboard will allow us not to underestimate problems that can be serious and not to bandage our heads for situations that are less serious than they may appear. Take a few minutes to read your used cars for sale booklet.

  1. Able To Lock?

A tip for owners of cars with automatic transmission. Leaving your car stationary in “parking” mode, excluding the use of the handbrake, is not good for your car. You are exerting unnecessary pressure on a metal pin which, over time, may no longer be able to lock the wheels.

  1. Keen Brake Practice

Especially if you are a driver in the city, accelerating between one traffic light and the next and then nailing is not much use. Just as being very close to the car in front, forcing our car to slow and continuous braking, is not good for you. Using the brakes intelligently and without abusing them allows us to preserve the pads and discs.

  1. Coffee Against Bad Smells

A car that is cared for is one that does not smell bad. Just to neutralize any smells of used or smoke, a car driver recommends that you use a natural method: a bag of coffee beans that you can hang or leave in the compartments of the four wheels.

  1. Clean The Car Ventilation

Narrow gaps such as those in the air conditioner are often a problem when cleaning the interior of a car. To remove dust, a car driver recommends using a foam brush or an old toothbrush in order to reach even the least accessible points.

  1. Cleaning Of Leather Seats: Ecological Methods

Cleaning leather fabrics is one of the most challenging aspects of car care and, in order for them to remain perfect over time; they should be cleaned every week. The most popular do-it-yourself remedies are using a solution of water and dish soap, olive oil or castor oil. The important thing is to apply the chosen solution with a cotton step and not to leave the seats wet for too long. Taking care of your car periodically not only   controls its value high, but allows your car to last longer.

  1. Not Any Idea

If you are novice and no any idea to care car, you can explore online services or consult any local expert near you to avail affordable parts and services.

  1. Take Care Of The Graphite Wipers

Do you want your wiper blades to last longer? You can help yourself with graphite. Graphite is a black carbon powder, which can be purchased in any hardware store;   very cheaper than new wiper blades. How does it work? Apply graphite to a cloth and rub the rubber of the wiper blades. The graphite will make them soft and effective.

  1. Clean Resin, Pollen And Deposits On The Windshield

To completely get rid of streaks or deposits of dust, pollen or resin on the windshield, you can use these easy tips: Rub   oil or animal fat on the resin or residue you want to remove. Then scratch the area with a chamois or synthetic cloth. Another popular remedy is a solution of water and bicarbonate to be applied to the stains to be removed.

  1. Toothbrush And Toothpaste For Attention To Detail

Have you ever thought about cleaning your car headlights with toothpaste? It’s a very simple solution: just use a little toothpaste on a cloth and rub vigorously on the lights. Let the toothpaste work for a few minutes and remove the paste with a damp cloth. Your car’s headlights will shine like new. Headlight care with toothpaste only works if they are made of plastic. For glass headlights use water and vinegar. An old toothbrush is enough to clean hard-to-reach areas inside and outside your car. Suitable for cleaning rims or wheel covers.

  1. To Polish The Car Paint

To polish your car at no cost, the first step is to remove dust deposits, second hand cars in Kenya driver recommend that you wash the bodywork with water and hand soap. Once this is done, you can polish the paint using wax free of abrasive agents. Read the label carefully and test the product on only a small area before polishing the entire car. Remember that a good quality wax covers even small scratches making them less visible. You can use a solution of boiling water and vinegar to eliminate limescale deposits

  1. How to wash without water

Spray the waterless cleaning product on the surface you are trying to clean, Let the product work for 30 seconds to approximately two minutes, Gently wipe a soft microfiber cloth over the surface to be cleaned, Using a second soft microfiber cloth, remove all residues, Repeat steps  to the entire vehicle is clean

  1. No Rinse Wash – Rinse Less

The latest washing innovations allow you to wash your car without the need to use the water hose to rinse. There is still a need for water, of course, but only a couple of buckets are enough. This method allows you to wash the vehicle inside the garage, in a condominium or wherever it is virtually possible to find about ten liters of water. Interestingly, these products are able to encapsulate dirt and other impurities by lifting them off the surface for safe removal. With this type of shampoo it will be very easy to keep the car clean and at the same time protect the environment.

  1. Dry the Vehicle

One of the most common mistakes that are made in cleaning is the incorrect drying of the vehicle. This phase is usually the main cause of paint blemishes. Before using a cloth to dry the paint, it may be useful to use an electric dryer to quickly remove the water in the spaces between the parts of the body, the edges of the gaskets, between the bolts, between the mirrors, the glasses and the lights . This is to avoid dripping onto other parts during other stages of cleaning, which could be annoying.

  1. Resin In The Car With Petrol

The safest and most effective method to remove any traces of resin on cars is the one that involves the use of gasoline. Unlike other substances containing solvents, petrol will not attack the paint of your car, allowing you to clean the resin and also any other types of stains that are particularly difficult to remove. To carry out this treatment you will need petrol, liquid car soap, lots of water and a soft chamois cloth. Once you have everything you need close at hand, choose to operate in an area protected from the sun, to prevent the resin from drying out further.

  1. To Take Away Stubborn Resin With Products

If the resin present on your bodywork is particularly difficult to remove, before throwing the sponge you can try to use one of the many specific products on the market for removing not only the resin but also tar or other organic residues. safely and effectively.

  1. Pay Attention to Oil Level

It is very important to check that the oil levels are within the * period, since if we drive without oil, the engine parts lose their protective layer, leads to friction and high temperatures that can seize or break the engine .

  1. To Refill Oil

To refill oil, locate the oil filler cap on the top of the engine and add oil of the  identical type and viscosity until the level is between the reference values ​​on the dipstick.

  1. In Any Case

In any case, when in doubt it is always advisable to take a look at provided booklet or consult experts to know exact procedure or tip in particular cases.