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Absolutely FREE Car Hacks That Actually Work!! (PART 1)

It is human nature to go for the easiest most cost free possible to solve our problems. As an owner of an automobile i ca safely say that no matter how perfect your car is, there are always some issues here and there that need taking care of. Be it the little scratch at the side of your car or dusty foggy headlights, be it the slipping of gadgets into the never ending holes or spilling the food that needs cleaning there is ALWAYS a way to take care of such stuff. Right here is a compilation of the easiest mostly free car hacks that are sure to make your ride a smooth and care free one which will make you feel like you just one on life!

1. Need to fix a hole in the fuel tank? Use minties as a temporary solution!


2. Need to clean cloudy headlights? Use TOOTHPASTE!


3. Need to take off the registration sticker from the windshield? Use wet Newspaper!


4. Need to fight the battle of putting the key in the key ring? Use a Staple remover!


5. Need to keep dinner warm? Use Seat Warmer!


6. Need to keep doors from banging on the garage wall? Use half a pool noodle!


7. Need to remember where you parked your car? Use the “iParkedHere” application!


8. Need to paint over small chips and scratch marks? Use same shade Nail Color!


9. Need to find a way when ure lost? Use GPS and save fuel!


10. Need to park correctly in your garage? Hang a tennis ball in the middle to act as parking guide!