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Absolutely FREE Car Hacks That Actually Work!! (Part 2)

Not only has the tips and tricks that are so easy and almost free making our life considerably easier but they have contributed a great deal in saving our precious money. The car hacks are a compilation of genius that allows us regular folks to solver our car problems with almost no worry and ease of repair. From cleaning up cloudy headlights to repairing dents there is close to nothing that cannot be solved if a little smart thinking is put to the project. Below is the rest of the list of ingenious car hacks that are sure to make your life much much easier!

1. Need a trash can for the car? Use a plastic cereal container!


2. Need to get rid of the glare that temporarily blind you? Use a tinted plastic as movable shade!


3. Need to quickly defrost windscreen in the morning? Park you car facing East!


4. Need to de-ice a car door lock? Use Hand Sanitizer!


5. Need to keep gadget in one place in your car? Use sticky pad on the dashboard!


6. Need to boost the range of your car remote? Hold it underneath your chin!


7. Need to clean windshield but have no cleaning products? Use Razor Blade!


8.Need to remove small dents? Use Plunger!