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Car Check before Going on a Long Drive


With the changing weather globally there are many parts of the world hit by winter, while others are on the verge of summer. With holidays at the end, many people still regret the fact that they have not travelled much. To all those, here is your chance to experience change of routine. Take your car and go for a long drive with family and friends. Enjoy a long drive experience over the weekend and make memories during the process.

But the question that arises is about the condition of the vehicle that you plan to go in. Here are a few things that you need to check before hitting the road.

Car Function Review

Starting off with checking the basics, do make sure that different parts of the vehicle are functioning well. Go for oil change and/ or tuning in case you feel the need. The checking of wipers to fluid level aids in reducing the chances of trouble. The better the car operates, the memorable your experience will be. As instead of tension of the vehicle you will enjoy every scenery and situation.

Battery Check

Battery is the integral part of better drive, so do make sure that the battery in fully charged and the terminal is clean. A lot of problems surface when the car is unable to start, so make sure that you have considered this before starting the road venture.


Tire Condition Assessment

Flat tires are a nightmare in long drive, so inspect tires for tear and bulges beforehand. The air pressure should also be checked. Going out with worn out tires can be a disaster, so change tires and keep a spare one for emergency.


Brake Inspection

Braking capacity is vital for going through different types of roads. So make sure that you check brake pads of the car.


Emergency Kit Inclusion

Do make sure that you have emergency kit fully prepared. It should have basix tools like flashlights, first aid box. Be aware about the towing capacity of the vehicle you drive and do not overpack it with luggage/ people. The big size baggage can be placed on roof, while the people and other luggage should be smartly put.


Supplies to Combat Uncertainties

Make sure that you are aware of the roads you plan to go on the trip. Having the navigation system activated is a great idea when travelling to not known roads. Make sure that you pack enough snacks, water and other supplies to combat hunger. Travelling with children is a challenge, so do make sure that you are able to satisfy them in the best way. Knowing the need of occupants travelling together, in advance, helps in making the trip impressive.


Driving Rule Revision

Do make sure that you revise the traffic rules, as roads of different cities and/or highways can be a test of your driving skills. Make sure that as a driver you sleep well, before starting the journey and if it is a drive longer than your everyday routine, taking rest on the way will help.


Hope this article is helpful to make long drives superior with the car that will be your buddy on the way.


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