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Car Stunts- The Game of Death

The stunts that you see on screen or in live shows require alot of practice and it is during the process many lives are lost. The car stunts performed in  different countries have a dark side as well. For some it is the game of thrill while for others it is the way they earn bread and butter for their family.

Our children see such type of activities and want to be part of being cool. But what they are unable to see is the risk of life they have to go through. In many developing countries even safety precautions are not taken, making it an open invitation for death. Precautions should be taken on authority level, by allowing license to those only that are able to meet safety precautions.

It is not just about precautions on the end of driver rather vehicle should also be tested before hand. Below is the video that shows the game of death happening at a very low level place. The cars are old and the bamboos also seems worn-out.

Check the link to find out more:

Cars and Bikes Stunt Show at Walls of Death… by RisingFormuli