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Deadly Jaw Dropping McLaren Monsterous Crash!!


The news of the latest McLaren F1 crash has left the world of automobile in shock and awe. The heart wrenching crash of the latest McLaren worth millions of dollars left the highly reputed and prestigious vehicle in scraps when it hit a tree in acceleration that turned out to be beyond the control of the driver inside.

The driver zooming his way through the sleek serene roads was enjoying the immensely amazing experience that McLaren has to offer wen the speed of the vehicle spiked to such an extent that the driver lost control and crashed the precious car into the trunk of a tree. Due to the safety measures fitted inside the multi million dollar vehicle, the driver did not sustain serious injuries but was however rushed to the hospital. The vehicle on the other hand was a terrible sight to see. The viewers were left nauseated and in shocked when the car was covered and chains and dragged on to the back of the towing truck. The car having sustained serious injuries will need a major million dollar makeover to get it to its original form which as well seems highly unlikely. There is substantial damage to the passenger side, luggage compartment, rear wheels and the undertray and the hood. The over all damage is enormous and and is going to be very very expensive.