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Effective Weird and Amazing Tricks To Clean Your Car!

Maintaining your car on a budget is one of the most difficult things any driver experiences at least once in a life time. In order to equip yourself with the easiest and most weird techniques to take care of your car on daily basis at the most nominal budget we have compiled a list that will make sure you can pamper your car without any worry.

1. Hair Conditioner For Shine

One of the most tricky ways to give your car a shiny freshly waxed look is to wash it with hair conditioner containing lanolin. Not only will it give off a shiny vibe but it also repel rain as an added benefit.

2. Fizzy Cola Drinks For A Clean Windshield

In order to clean windshields that are blotchy and spotty after rain and put a damper on your vision, the easy and almost free solution to the problem is to pour cola over the glass. Make sure to put a towel alongside the bottom of the windshield to protect hood paint. Also wash off the cola and the sticky surface which will unravel a clean shiny windshield.

3. Vodka For Washer Reservoir

When the windshield water reservoir needs replacement all you have to do is add fill it up with your own washing fluid. Use the cheapest Vodka available and 3 cups of it to 4 cups water and 2 teaspoon dish washing detergent. Shake well and pour to see the magic happen.

4. Shine Those Car Lights

Keep your headlights polished and shiny by rubbing window cleaner on the headlight and cleaning it with the linen cloth.

5. Immediate Window Cleaner

The quick and fast way to immediately clean the windows is to rub them with baby wipes and see the magic happen.