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IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL Tips To Survive Your Own Drive!


It is of highest importance for every individual on the road behind the wheel to be highly aware of the happenings and situations in the cars around them. Certain situations occur when you need to control your car in such a way that it doesn’t harm you or the cars around you through simple techniques which if get out of hands result in numerous crashes and injuries. It is vital to survive your own drive through implementing certain driving tricks we have compiled for you.

A Car is coming straight at you in your lane?
Try to get the attention of the driver in that upcoming car by flashing lights or honking. All the while you need to look ahead and plan an evasive action in case of need. You need to know and look where you will move next and not straight at the incoming vehicle.

A Car is honking a you wildly along with tailgating you?
Pull over and let it drive by. You never know there might be an emergency or just an irritating fellow behind the wheel. Either way you need to steer clear for your own safety.

A driver is clearly impaired infront of you and swerving in his car?
Give the driver space to move and keep your distance. It is of vital importance that you do not tailgate or fixate on him.

You arrive at a four way stop?
Once you reach a four way stop calmly attempt eye contact with with drivers waiting to proceed. It will ensure safe presence of you and the other cars.

Blinded by the sun?
Do not and i REPEAT do not slam the brakes as it can result in a rear collision without any attempt made on your part to convey the issue to the driver behind you. Continue and steer calmly.

Yellow light at an intersection?
Do not go through a yellow light at an intersection if you have the chance and ability to stop safely.