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INCREDIBLE Facts About The McLaren F1!


Reputed as one of the most high end and classy vehicle of all time, McLaren has left everyone in awe and amazement of its transition over the years. The super car is eyed by the best of the best with many holding in hearts the once in a lifetime desire to sit behind the wheel and feel the mind gripping and jaw dropping experience that McLaren has to offer. Since with great power comes great responsibility, therefore the repair and maintenance of the beauty is quite high as well. The owner of such a vehicle should be ready for the extreme economics relating to such maintenance firsthand. However the silver lining in this scenario is that it is impossible to total a McLaren F1.

In order to highlight the shocking and amazing maintenance charges McLaren has to offer its owner, we have compiled a list of incredible facts related to our beloved vehicle and its maintenance.

1. There is nothing ordinary or routine about the oil change


A routine oil change costs about $8000 whereas the annual running costs go up to $30,000 per year!

2. Prices are not declining any time soon


A testament to this progress is the price of the last one of the 100 built from 1992 to 1994 for about $11 million!

3. Whatever you do DO NOT run over a nail!


If you do be ready to spend $6000 for repair of a nail in a single tire.

4. It WILL be in the shop EVERY year!


No matter what the circumstances     your McLaren will go to shop very much like Ralph Lauren sends his three McLaren F1s for service every year.

5. When it does, it will stay there for a while.


Service can take from one to six weeks for a McLaren in the closest door to door shipping.

6. The engine needs coming out atleast once in every 5 years


So will the wheel barrings, hubs and locating pegs regularly.