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How to Jumpstart a Car without Another Car?

how to jump start a car

Did your car battery die in the middle of nowhere, and there is no other motorist or car to help? It happens very often with people. It’s been a nightmare for many. Thus, rather than stressing over what to do, focus on how to jumpstart a car without another car. As calling a friend for assistance is not always helpful.

You must know that the movement and power of the car are closely linked with the engine’s functioning. It’s responsible for the combustion system too. Along with other, other systems in the car also facilitate the movement. For instance, there is an electrical system, also known as the heart of the vehicle. So, what to do if it’s not working?

It is essential to know how to jumpstart a car without another car for such situations. Here, we have comprehensively presented steps and ways to help you out.

How to Jumpstart a Car without Another Car?

A car battery may go off for many reasons. Maybe you just left the lights on for so long that it drained the battery. Some automobile components use a lot of electricity, such as the stereo, air conditioner, lights, and more. All this indicates the importance of the battery.

Your vehicle’s engine requires cranking power to start up. How much power is required depends on the type of vehicle. More oversized vehicles need more power, which means it requires higher-performing batteries. So, If your battery is dead, you cannot keep running so far. In many cases, you won’t be able to go anywhere at all. Thus, you’ll need to jumpstart the car.

Here are some ways to jumpstart without another car:

1.    Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are a handy tool that you must buy. We know that people don’t expect their vehicles to have a dead battery in the middle of the road. However, it happens. So, buy this tool and keep it in your trunk compartment.

When using the jumper cables, turn off the ignition and put the car in neutral or parking gear. Then, attach the cables using clips on it. It has red ones that go to the battery’s positive terminal while the black one goes to the negative terminal. It goes on the metal surface near the battery.

Once you have attached the jumper cables correctly, you can quickly jumpstart a car without another car. Now, you’ll have to run the engine for a few minutes, and they start it. It might take some time, so don’t worry. If nothing happens, recheck the attachments and see if these are connected rightly. Then, try again.

2.    Portable Jump Starter

When looking for how to jumpstart a car without another car, you’ll find a portable jump starter as one of the solutions. It’s a fast method to help yourself. It is also a power bank, emergency booster, or battery booster pack.

The compact battery provides up to 12 volts of backup power. Thus, it easily kickstarts a vehicle. Also, it can be used safely with both manual and automatic transmission cars without any help.

When searching the market, you’ll commonly find lithium-ion or lead-acid jump starters. If you choose the lead-acid ones, these can quickly start a car a few times. However, these are heavy and bigger and take more space in your trunk. Contrarily, the lithium ones are smaller and can provide up to ten starts when fully charged.

3.    Use a Spare Battery

If you don’t have another car or other tools, you can use a spare dead battery. When looking for how to jumpstart a car without another car, the experts recommend this as a quick method.

All you need is a powerful spare battery. It’s best to look for the spill-free ones that come with free maintenance and crack-free casing. It will ensure that the battery liquid does not spill. Also, you’ll have to flip the battery upside down to use this method, so you cannot take the risk of any leakage.

Once you have it, you’ll turn the ignition switch off all the accessories, including the lights and headlights. Then, place the spare battery upside down on the dead battery, ensuring that the red and black terminals are adequately lined with each other. Red with red and black with black.

Now, start the car. Once it starts, you’ll have to remove the boost battery and run the car for at least 15 to 20 minutes to charge the dead battery.

4.    Bump or Push Start   

Another way to jumpstart a car without another car is to implement the bump/push start technique. For this, you’ll have to push your vehicle backwards and forward. There are chances that the transmission spins and starts the engine by doing so.

Using this method, you’ll require a clear road. It will help the car get into a running state. The method is beneficial when you don’t have any other car to help you. First, turn the ignition switch on with the parking gear. Then, press the clutch, shift to second gear, and press the pedal to get ready.

Now, you’ll need someone to push the car. You’re lucky if you’re traveling with a partner or friends who can help you. Or else, take help from others on the road. Ask them to push the car to some speed to take momentum and get rolling.

Once the car picks motion, release the clutch immediately. It will jerk your engine and ensure that the transmission takes over the engine. Give the car up to 15 minutes to charge the battery. When focusing on how to jumpstart an automatic car without cables, the push method is very beneficial.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that it’s not easy to jumpstart without another car, but it’s not impossible. When you buy a car, you must be prepared for uncertain situations. If your engine battery wears off in the middle of nowhere, you cannot wait for any miracle. You must know how to jumpstart a car without another car.

The above-mentioned techniques can be helpful as these involve simple and straightforward actions. Keeping jumper cables is a great option. Or else, you can implement the push starting method. These can possibly eliminate any potential issues. All these can save your time as finding another car or waiting for a friend can take a lot of time. Also, these are some comfortable and convenient ways.