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Keeping Your Car Maintained Saves Time And Money

If you want to enjoy a safe and secure road trip you should have an open eye for the proper condition and functioning of your car because you are responsible to take care of your car for your own sake and for the sake of all those who are sharing the ride with you. There are some of the ways to maintain your used car from Japan. On the other hand you save a lot of money by regularly checking, maintaining and cleaning your car.


Regularly check your used car battery, make sure it does not leak and keep it clean. There are batteries available in many colors indicating its working. Keep a battery tester and battery cleaning brush; it will save a lot of money and time. You don’t need to import a battery from Japan for your used car, you can buy it locally.



For a smooth drive make sure the tires wears of your used car are even. It is advisable to inspect your car tires’ air pressure and signs of tire wear. Your car manual can tell you how to identify your tread wear indicator and when tires need to be changed. Also check if they are correctly inflated to the specified pressure by the manufacturers.


Windshield Wipers
Windshield wipers should be replaced when the view gets blurry. Check the windshield washer jets too and replace the rubber refills if needed if you still have the original wipers installed. Wipers are not very expensive and easy to change yourself.

windshield wipers


Interior of the car is well maintained and if you have imported your used car from Japan carefully. It also attracts customers when you want to resell your car. Cleaning your car interior includes vacuuming carpets, cleaning car leather, door upholstery, windows and cleaning and polishing the dashboard. As car leather is very delicate, try to find chemically mild products to clean it. For getting rid of musty odor always look for enzymatic odor remover.


Road Salt

Road salt can damage mechanics of your vehicle. It promotes rust and damages your car clear finish.
So it is good to wash your car once a week. In winter also keep away from deep snow while driving; also avoid stagnant water where road salt is gathered.

car washing

Protecting the Paint of the Car

For preventing the paint you need to choose paint protectant products like, wax, paint sealants and paint protectants keeping in consideration the durability and looks of the car. It helps against corrosion and harsh environmental effects, and the paint and smooth look of the car especially in winter.

paint protectant 3


Keep A Tool Kit In The Trunk

You should keep a tool kit along with spare tire in the trunk of your car. The tool kit must have a duct tape, Tire pressure gauge, Jumper cables and Tire inflater and sealer, battery tester and battery cleaning brush. There should be a copy of car owner’s manual as there are very useful description of all the major parts and functions with demonstration as well. In case your car breaks down somewhere you do not find a mechanic, your car owner’ manual is the best way to start repair.

tool kit

Safety Supplies

Safety supplies should also be a part of your trunk. It should include flash lights, first aid kit, matches or other fire starter, energy bars, water bottles.

safety kit

All used car damages are not visible, to minimize the risk of any danger the used car from Japan should be inspected by a professional once in a month. It saves you from the sudden break down of your used vehicle and gives you enough time to plan if you want some kind of detailed maintenance from your trusted mechanic.