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How to Prevent Fire in Car?


According to statistics of an online survey the probability of cars to catch fire is 80% more if the proper care is not taken.  Every year thousands of people die due to the lack of interest in this issue. In order to make your life and the life of your love ones safe, proper steps should be taken to avoid fire in car.

Maintain Battery and Wiring

It is very much necessary that you check the car battery every day, or as the requirement is. The distill water should be put in a manner that battery does not get heated. It is highly recommended that you have a distill water bottle inside car every time. The battery life depreciates over the years, so make sure that you check it. The wiring and fuel lines should also be checked for leakages. It causes a great threat if the lines are worn-out. It gives an open opportunity for catching fire hard to control.


Keep the Car Clean And Safe

It is highly recommended that interior of the car is clean. As in case of fire even papers can be a factor to boost it. Let alone, putting flammable products is an open suicide attempt. Do have a safety kit in car that includes fire extinguisher, smoke detector and much more.


Drive Safely

Reckless driving is one of the major reasons of fire. Make sure that you look for hazards before hand; including the downed power lines, catastrophe and storms. Drive slowly and safely in case of any deficit.


Take safety precautions to prevent fire in your car.

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