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The Professional Car Wash At Home


Owning car is an expense that required a lot of money first in the buying and then maintaining it. Used car have made the buying process less costly. We value our customers, more than generating profit; so here is car cleaning tips that make your car look like a fresh out of Car Service Center.

Never touch Your Car Bare Hand

It is best that you use lubricants like water, spray wax or soap as bare hand cleaning with dry towel makes the chances of scratch maximize.

Work Strategically

Try to work strategically in a way that your time does not get wasted washing the same area twice. The order that should be followed is the wheel first, so the stain of water is cleaned later, paint is cleaned next with interior the third in order and glass the forth one.


Have Separate Bucket For Car Body Cleaning

The painted area is more prone to scratches caused by dust particles. It is best that a separate bucket is used for cleaning car body.


Use MicroFiber Towels Not Sponges

The microfiber towel cleans and dry at the same time. The sponge on the other hand leaves water marks at it keeps the surface wet.


Buy Car Care Products

Use light-mist spray wax or hydrophobic drying agent. Such products are easily available in the market and help in giving professional cleaned look.


Use Vacuum Cleaner

For cleaning the interior vacuum cleaner is the best option. We can easily blow dust from problematic areas like mirror corners. The corners of taillight can also be cleaned through this machine.


Hence this way you can have the professional car wash at home.