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Put Your Cellphone in Pocket When You Drive

We are always told, not to text while driving. But there are many who turn a deaf ear to it, leading to increase in traffic accidents over the years. The reason behind such carelessness is because we consider cellphone a necessity and does not want to avoid this luxury at any moment.

The research shows that following disadvantages come handy when cell phone is used while driving.

Easy to Handle Task Complex


The ground breaking result was exposed contradicting the predicted result. The easy driving task of movement of steering wheel is also effected when you have cellphone in one hand. It is because this; more accidents happen on the go.

Maneuvering Complications


The maneuvers are hard to handle, as in case when you are taking a turn you need to focus on two to three sides simultaneously. Depending on roads, some turns are hard to manage. And they get more complicated when you are using phones.



Young people are more prone to distractions as compare to old ones. The research shows that young drivers face problem when tuning radio while old people gets distracted on conversation and call placement. Hence the use of cellphone effect youth as compare to other segment.

Aside from this the brain gets more tired when you do complicated thing like driving and calling together.