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Quick AND Free Ways To Remove Dents From Your Car!!


Don’t we all experience the slight hit on the road, thud of the car and jamming of anything to our car that causes visually displeasing dents on our cars that break our hearts every time we look at them. However these dents are so many and cost a hefty amount to be fixed that we really don’t care enough to take it to the mechanic and just get to used to them being there all the time. Well worry no more since we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that will not only fix these dents but will do that almost freely! There you go now no more harsh on the eyes dents will be there to make you cringe anymore.

1. Remove dent with Dry Ice!


Dry ice which can be found commonly these days even at the local grocery store will do the magic trick. All you have to do is wear dry gloves and hold the dry ice to the dent for a few seconds and remove it. Repeat until the dent is completely gone and trust us when we tell you, it will.

2. Remove dent with a hairdryer and air duster!


This is one of the most easy and free ways to remove a dent as a hair dryer and air duster is available everywhere. Blow dry the dent for 30 to 60 seconds and spray liquid CO2 from the air duster being held upside down for 10 seconds. The dent will surely pop back in no time!

3. Remove a dent with a lighter, aluminum foil and air duster!

hair dryer

All you have to do is place a piece of aluminum foil over the dent and heat the foil by holding the lighter close and moving it in circles around the dent for 30 seconds. Remove foil and spray the upside down duster with liquid CO2. In 15-20 seconds the dent will pop out itself!