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Quickly Cool Down Your Oven-Like Hot Car In Just A Minute!


Yes you read THAT right! Now comes solution to one of the oldest problems faced by a car owner in the light of scorching heat and high temperature. Ever walked towards your car opened the door and feel like you just stepped into hell? Well no more do you have to face that problem. There is now a quick and easy way to cool down your car before stepping into it and the best part is that it takes just a minute to do so!

The process of cooling down your car in a minute is fairly simple. Roll down the window on a side of your car for example the driver side door. Now go to the opposite side door now (the passenger side front door) and open and close it normally for 5-10 times. Viola your car is heat free and good to go! The science behind this little tricks is the process of ventilation. The process allows the circulation of air in the air by letting the hot air out of the window and letting the cool air into the car by opening and closing the door multiple times.

The trick has received positive response from all over the world and the temperature variation was noted in the thermometer signifying the usefulness of the trick emerging from Japan.