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Safety Precautions For Driving In Rain


Rain is a blessing in disguise, as the weather becomes pleasant enough making it fully enjoyable. But driving in rain, as proved by statistics, is very much dangerous. So it is recommended that safety precautions should be taken when driving.

Focus Your Attention On Wheel

It is very much of a requirement that focus be put on steering wheel, as there are multiple parts functioning at low level because of wet atmosphere. It is best to ignore distractions including cell phones and radio to have better focus.


Full beam Headlights

In many countries, it is supported by law to have full beam headlights during rain. Although where it is not, people should put high beam for better visibility of rainy road, even during day time. The step will best work for collision protection.


Good Distance Between Two Cars

The approximate difference between two cars during rain should be 10 miles per hour or approximately five cars length. It prevents collision to the maximum especially in bad weather with unclear scene due to fog.


Drive Slowly and Gently

It should be kept in mind that road is wet, so it is better to drive slowly and gradually. The hydroplaning should also be kept in mind as no or very little contact with the ground happens when the car is on top of the water. So in such case keep calm and avoid sudden movement of car.


Turn Defroster in Case of Fog

It is also recommended that when there is fog on road and it starts depositing on windshield defroster should be switched on. This usually clears the inside of windshield faster.


If one keep all these things in mind, driving during rain can become hassle free.