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Signs That Your Auto Engine Needs Repair

Signs That Your Auto Engine Needs Repair

A well-maintained vehicle can run thousands of miles without troubling you. However, when your vehicle screams for attention and you ignore it then that is when you are doomed to face more than just a broken engine. Sometimes we tend to forget that our cars are just a piece of metal and with all the top-notch upholstery down beneath is a man-made system that can require proper maintenance.

While driving we either don’t know what to look for when our car or vehicle dies down or we ignore the important signs. So today in this blog we will help you identify the signs that a car gives us when there is something is malfunctioning in it or if something needs a repair.

Before we get started, keep one thing in mind that if you can identify these problems in your vehicle then going to a professional mechanic will be the best possible solution for you. However, if you know a thing about two about Japanese used car maintenance and repair then go ahead.

Top Signs You Need To Look Out For A Malfunctioning Engine

Suspicious Noise

When you’re an avid driver you will definitely notice that your car is making some kind of suspicious noises such as knocking or grinding. As soon as you hear those noises just take your car to the nearest mechanic and get your car checked.


One of the types of those suspicious noises is knocking. It tells you that the bearings of the car are completely worn out or damaged or are likely not in the best condition. It is advised to not drive around a lot in this condition and just take your car for maintenance.


While driving if it’s not you hitting those high notes but your car then that means that the fan belt is damaged. It means that it is loose and completely worn out and hence the high-pitched noise. If you have your car’s manual around you then lookup for the procedures to tighten up the belt otherwise get the belt replaced.


One of the most alarming noises is when your car makes a grinding noise. This means that the brake pads are getting destroyed every time you hit them. If you keep ignoring this noise and go on about your way then the effectiveness of the brake will be significantly reduced. In this case, you will be more likely to be getting in an accident so I suggest that you get your Japanese used car checked the moment you hear this noise.

Excessive smoke

One of the alarming signs aside from noises is excessive smoke blowing out of the car. Note that the smoke coming out of the tailpipe is not an issue. That is okay. However, if the motor starts puffing out smoke then you should know that your car has a problem.

Blue smoke

If a blue smoke car coming out of your car that then that means that the engine oil is leaking from the engine and is being burned along with fuel. A quick hack to this problem would be just adding more and more oil to the engine. However, if the issue persists, then get your car checked by a mechanic.

White smoke

White smoke blowing out of your car means that the water condensation has been combined with the fuel supplier. To stop your car from overheating in this situation you can increase the antifreeze. However, this is a temporary solution, you should get your car professionally checked.

Black smoke

Black smoke coming out of your car means that the air filter is clogged. A quick replacement of the filter will be enough. However, if the problem remains then that could mean any of these few things such as a leaky fuel injector or a malfunctioning pressure regulator.

Other Signs And Symptoms

Blowing out the smoke and making unusual noises isn’t the only thing that your car does to get to seek attention for its repair and maintenance. Discussed below are some of the other signs and symptoms that your car shows when anything in it is damaged.

Engine Light

The engine light on your dashboard has a warning light that is triggered whenever there is something damaged or malfunctioning in your Japanese used car. Here are some of the reasons why the engine light will be triggered:

  • Damage spark plugs.
  • Worn out engine coil, fuel injectors, and thermostat.
  • Damaged oxygen sensor and airflow sensor.

Excessive Fuel Usage

If your car is consuming more fuel than usual then perhaps it is telling you that it has malfunctioning injectors, a blocked air filter, a leak, a malfunctioning air sensor, or a damaged spark plug.

Downgraded Engine Power

If you feel that there is a delay whenever you press the accelerator or the brakes or if you feel as if that your car is not running at its full capacity then that means that there is a problem with the transmission system of your car. For this issue take your car to a professional mechanic and get a repair from there.