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Tips For Extra Life To Your Partner in Drive- Your Car

Your car is the partner in drives on different types of roads, making the journey enjoyable and comfort filled. If the car is properly maintained the chances are that it will not only show better side of your personality but will also bring in ease.

There are a lot of complains handled by mechanic every day, with the basic reason being the broken parts due to mishandling. The basic reasons include the brakes getting worn-out, gear box damaged, steering power cut, engine clogging, ignition area issues and much more. By keeping small things in mind, you can add life to your vehicle.

Do Not Get Involved in Rash Driving


Do Not Allow the Car to Remain Idle for Long


Shift to Neutral on Red light


Do Not Put A lot of Force on Steering Wheel


Buy Fuel From Reputable Stations


Remove Extra Keys from Car Key Chain


Cover Your Car by Sheet When Parked For Long