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Total GENIUS Ways To Save On GAS!!!

With the sudden spike in fuel prices due to the excessive consumption all over the world what we need at the moment is either a car that is fuel free or effective ways that we can use minimal fuel for greater amount of time. The high fuel efficiency is being provided by numerous vehicles but there are certain things we can do that on our part that would prove to be genius if we want to use up less gas.

The little tid bits will provide extra mileage to your car along with saving up on gas money. Following are some of the tips which ou can implement of daily basis and see the magic happen yourself!

Avoid E15 rated gas at the pump!
..the E for Ethanol has 30% less energy than gasoline and kills mpg. You can settle for E10!


Check your tires for uneven wear and inflate them properly!
..road friction due to sticker and wider performance tires can result in decreasing mileage per gallon. Opt for Eco focused tires instead!


Keep it cool and let the breeze in!
..turning of the gas draining air conditioning will result in saving up gas!


Hoarder ALERT!
..because less weight is equal to better mileage!
Keep that engine warm! it will result in less need of gas to start up and heat the engine thus saving on both gas and money!
Avoid that traffic!
..since driving at a speed is more fuel efficient that crawling slowly in traffic!
Finally get a tune up!
..since a smooth running engine is always efficient!