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Types of Modern Day Car Thieves

Car theft history is as old as car itself. With growing years the theft of car has become a routine that got break when the cars started getting smarter. But with time things went out of hand again. Lets admit it, that we ourselves have been careless at times, giving opportunity for car theft.

One need to understand the psyche of modern day car thieves and cope with the forth-coming situation before hand.

Bump And Rob

These are the oldest and conventional car thieves. They bump your car, mostly from rear, and when you leave the wheel to look out for damage, they steal your car or sometimes only your valuables inside. They are so daring that even in traffic jam they do not leave the opportunity. The best solution to such type of situations is that you do not leave ignition/ key inside and lock car; before checking for damage.

bump and rob-car-thief

Joy Riders

These are not typical theives, but are involved in theft just for the sake of adventure. They might return your car but the condition of the vehicle gets questionable. As they go for luxurious and exotic cars, so even a part that gets damaged costs you a lot of money. They could be avoided if you are careful enough with security managed well at your end. They are mostly amateurs, so by keeping your car low profile and parking it at a crowded cum guarded place can help.


Professional Thieves

These are the one responsible for major car thefts. They prefer all type of cars may they be exotic, low emission, even scrap; depending on the need. They have connections with criminals too and can use your car for suicide bombing at the worst.


Car Hackers

These are modern day car thieves that are computer genius.  They go for computer operated vehicles including electric cars. Here the precautionary majors should be like any other gadget protection mechanism. In coming years they will have the strongest presence.


Stay safe and take proper precautions from the above mentioned types of car thieves.