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UNIQUE Tools Needed For The INDY 500!


The rock star of any event is the major attraction that is going to bring hype and attention to it. In case of automobile races and event the lime light is on the vehicles that will compete in the event. From their flashy exterior, throttle power and down to even the smallest specifications, the cars are given the attention that is their share’s due. Next comes the entity that will be behind the hot wheels and how they’ll use their skills to master and tame the car they’re driving. However there is a third entity that is not given their share of attention that it duly deserves. It is the whole package of unique and out of the box tools that are needed the part which cannot be done by your ordinary tool box.


The upcoming Indy 500 has gripped everyone’s attention and we want to divert it to the pit stop tools that make the real difference when its the time that matters and the efficiency needed is top notch. During each pit stop what is needed is the changing of tires which should take a maximum of 4 second and filling up the car tank full of fuel. Anything else the crew has to deal with is a sign of a problem. The tools needed for such efficient performance ensuring the safety of the driver inside are compiled below.


1. Wrenches, Sockets and Nuts
A compilation of these wrenches, sockets, nuts and wheel guns in needed to secure the wheel. Each gun costs $4500 and each socket about $1500.

2. Jacks and Nitrogen
Exclusive made gun fitted to regulate Nitrogen in the tires which run at 350 PSI and air jacks at about 450 PSI.

3. Fueling
A single probe is used to fuel and vent out fulfilling the purpose through the same thing. Highly efficient and safe.

4. Safety First and Last
Exclusive fire suppression system is built in the car with high intensity fire extinguishers at the pit along with numerous buckets of water.