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Best Bakkies for Sale in South Africa

Best Bakkies for Sale in South Africa

In 2022, South Africa’s vehicle market grew by 11.4% to 45,966 units. The light commercial vehicle segment, including bakkies, showed gains of 14.3% to reach 12,738 registrations. Toyota Hilux was responsible for most of these numbers (3,336 units sold) and was the best-selling bakkie in October 2022. This indicates that the Hilux is the most demanded bakkie in South Africa. The bakkies are highly useful in Africa not only for their practicality for work but also for recreational use like camping and off-roading.

South Africans are fond of bakkies also because of their reliability and durability. Bakkies are powerful on roads and can be used commercially and personally. Even if you buy a used bakkie, it will be as strong as new and serve commercial and personal purposes. Specifically, Japanese used cars are in demand in South Africa. In South Africa, cars for sale include many bakkies because the region is more rural, where bakkies are more suitable for commercial purposes. People use bakkies for both commercial and personal use because bakkies are also suitable for big families. South Africans are also fond of top brands which makes them go for brands like Toyota and Ford when buying a bakkie. Their decision depends on their budget. The list below shows their preferences in order;

1. Toyota Hilux – 3,336 units
Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux in South Africa’s has been favorite bakkie. The Toyota Hilux units sold in 2022 were 3,336. The main reason Hilux has been sold the most in Africa is its brand name. People considering investing a significant amount in a bakkie will first consider a reliable and durable brand. Hilux is Toyota’s hit, and therefore people trust its strength and performance more than any other bakkie. Toyota Hilux is the best-looking bakkie with different models. It achieved great success in Africa despite being a poor region. It appreciates Toyota Hilux and uses it for both commercial and private purposes. Toyota Hilux ranks top in the bakkies for sale in South Africa.

2. Ford Ranger – 1,807 units
Ford Ranger

After Toyota Hilux, the most sold units in South Africa are Ford Ranger, another beautiful and powerful bakkie. Ford Ranger also serves many purposes and has a great capacity to carry stuff. It has been found in high numbers in the bakkies for sale in South Africa. It goes easy in forests and mountainous areas, making it easy to cross difficult surfaces. However, Ford Ranger’s units sold are significantly lower than Toyota Hilux, i.e., 1,807 units. It indicates that Hilux has been the winner, followed by Ford Ranger in South Africa. The people in South Africa think of Ford Ranger after the Hilux for commercial and personal purposes.

3. Isuzu D-Max – 1,802 units
Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max is the third favorite bakkie in South Africa, whose 1,802 units have been sold in the region in 2022. The units are insignificantly lower than Ford Ranger, which means these two bakkies are almost equally popular and useful in South Africa. Africans consider this bakkie right after the Ford Ranger. It has been identified as the best bakkie for sale in South Africa because it was ranked third in vehicle sales in 2022.

4. Nissan Navara – 507 units

Isuzu D-Max

Nissan Navara has also attracted some attention in South Africa. It is because of its shapes and features. The vehicle is highly useful for logistics and suitable for driving in forests and uneven surfaces. However, its sales are significantly lower than Nissan NP200.

5. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 – 285 units
Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Despite the name Toyota attached to it, its sales are less in number in South Africa. It is because the shape is not as good as other bakkies common in the region. It is heavy but has a pointy body style. Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is high, which makes it perfect for the region. However, it ranks 9th because it is smaller than Hilux, Ford Ranger, and Nissan NP200 and has an outdated body style which very few people prefer.

6. Volkswagen Amarok – 164 units

Volkswagen Amarok

It is last on the list of best-selling bakkies in South Africa. The units sold in 2022 were 164. The vehicle has good capacity and an astonishing interior, which increases its demand. Moreover, it has a beautiful body in attractive colors. The units sold are fewer in number because of the price factor.

7. GWM P-Series – 426 units

GWM P-Series ranks sixth in the bakkies for sale in South Africa. The units sold in 2022 were 426 units. Its sales are less because the demand is not too high. One of the reasons is its shape which is comparatively not very attractive. It is good in terms of price and functions due to which it made to the list.

8. GWM Steed – 349 units

Three hundred forty-nine GWM Steed units were sold in South Africa in 2022. It indicates that the vehicle is the 8th sold bakkie in South Africa. Although the vehicle looks good, it is slightly lower compared to other popular bakkies in South Africa. It makes it less demand than other bakkies. However, you can see GWM Steed in South Africa in a reasonable number.

9. Nissan NP200 – 1,096 units

Nissan NP200 is the fourth-best bakkie for sale in South Africa. Its units sold were significantly lower than Isuzu D-Max, i.e., 1,096 units. However, it ranked fourth, indicating that it has a demand in the region. People prefer Hilux, Ford Ranger, and Isuzu D-Max over Nissan NP200 because it is lower than the others. South Africans prefer bakkies higher from the ground to cross uneven surfaces smoothly. In that sense, NP200 is not that suitable.

10. Mahindra Pik Up – 624 units

Mahindra Pik Up is the fifth-best bakkie for sale in South Africa. Its 624 units were sold in 2022 in the region, which is materially lower than Nissan NP200. It is due to the fact that Mahindra Pik up is manufactured by a not very popular car manufacturer. Although the vehicle is giant and suitable to be used for logistics but comparatively, very few people prefer it. Most people go for Toyota, Ford, Nissan, or Suzuki.


People use bakkies in South Africa for both commercial and personal use. They are used for transport and logistics and are suitable to be driven in this region. The vehicle market in South Africa is growing at an impressive rate. People are more inclined toward the brand names; Toyota, Ford, Suzuki, and Nissan. These are the top four names for bakkies in South Africa. Toyota Hilux is the highest-sold bakkie in the region. The units of the Ford ranger, which ranks second, are significantly lower than Toyota Hilux. It indicates that no other bakkie can come closer to Hilux in South Africa.

Besides the vehicles mentioned in the top ten list, Mitsubishi Triton, Mahindra Bolero, and Peugeot Landtrek are a few more bakkies sold in South Africa. The units sold indicate that bakkies are very useful in the region and people consider the brand name while purchasing a bakkie. South Africa’s vehicle market involves the sale of bakkies contributing to its growth.