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Best Cars For Sale In The Bahamas

Looking at cars for sale in the Bahamas, you will notice a beautiful little Country in the West Indies has an exciting automobile market with many attractive and appealing options available for customers. These opportunities usually have a connection to the cars from Japanese manufacturers. They export these cars to the island republic in the Caribbean. 

So, the Bahamas is highly interesting for tourists eager to fall in love with the fantastic beaches and the clear blue ocean. It also offers an exciting market for cars, whether used cars for sale in Nassau, used Japanese cars, or new ones. 

The Country 

The Bahamas is an island country in the Atlantic and part of the West Indies. However, the location of the Bahamas is within the South East of the United States and North East of Cuba. Both countries are geographically part of Central America. Of the more than 700 islands, it only inhibits 30. 

The two most important cities in the Bahamas are Nassau and Freeport. Over 75% of the entire population lives in these two. The capital and by far most prominent and most populated city in the Bahamas is Nassau, home to about  200,000 inhabitants. Since the country has no raw materials worth mentioning, the economy heavily depends on tourism and the banking industry. 

Agriculture in the Bahamas is underdeveloped due to a lack of proper irrigation facilities. Transport between the numerous and widely separated islands is complex, and there are no suitable soils. As a result, production is mainly for personal use, which is not covered. A few more modern farms mainly grow cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, citrus fruits, and pineapples for export. 

The Automobile Market Of The Bahamas 

The market for cars for sale in the Bahamas registers more than 200,000 cars in the country. It is relatively prosperous for the country’s economy. In most other places, the automobile market in the Bahamas also suffered from the pandemic, but the market is recovering altogether. Well. 

Many Japanese dealers sell their cars in the Bahamas directly or indirectly over SBT Bahamas. It is the Bahamian branch of a Japanese enterprise. Looking at the cars for sale in the Bahamas, you will notice that the most popular and successful models are Japanese ones. Brands like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Honda sell extremely well. Every year the demand for Japanese used cars in the Bahamas increases. It is especially high in and around Nassau. Let’s look at some of the most successful models in recent years. 

Nissan Cube 


The Nissan Cube is a minivan that Nissan is still producing since 1998. However, the first two generations are exclusively for the Japanese market. The third generation was offered outside of Japan for the first time. Spring 2009 saw the launch of the Cube in the US and Canada. The first generation of the Cube was built on the Nissan B platform like the Micra / March. 

On the other hand, it has a strong Micra engine. Moreover, it is a 1.3L R4 engine. CVT transmission and all-wheel drive were available as options. In 2002, the second generation of the Cube (dubbed the Z11) was introduced. 

In contrast, it had a much larger interior than its predecessor. The car, which features a modern combination of sharp and rounded edges, is based on the 3rd generation March. Also, it is a strong 1.4L R4 engine that powers it. A CVT transmission was also available as an option. The Nissan cube is easily available for about 1.500 $ in the US upwards if you look for Japanese used cars. 

Suzuki Swift 


The Suzuki Swift is a model built by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Suzuki in the autumn of 1983. The Swift was presented as the Suzuki Cultus at the 25th Tokyo Motor Show as a result of cooperation with General Motors. Initially also sold as the SA 310 and SA 413. It also experienced three model changes as the Swift between 1989 and 2005. In addition, facelifts took place in 1986, 1992, and 1996. 

Constant developments are seen in the model. So, due to the many variations, you will find many various engines used in the respective models of the Suzuki Swift. Therefore, you can make a good deal on a Suzuki Swift starting at about $1,200. 

Nissan Juke 


The Nissan Juke is a sports utility vehicle produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. However, Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd manufactures it to date. Plant in England since 2010. Initially, the vehicle was powered exclusively by a one-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with 86 kW (117 hp) via the front wheels. However, this turbocharged powertrain debuted in the fifth generation of the Micra in early 2019. 

The SUV comes with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission available at extra cost. With this change, the output drops to 84 kW (114 hp). In June 2022, the driving range was expanded to include the 1.6-liter full hybrid with 105 kW (143 hp) known from the Clio V. In most places with used cars for sale in Nassau and the wider Bahamas, the price range would start at about $3,000. 

Toyota Passo 


The Toyota Passo is a compact car. The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota assembles it. However, the engine of the car is based on the Daihatsu Boon. Soon after its introduction, Daihatsu is now the official engine manufacturer for the company. The 3-cylinder engines of the 1KR-FE type with a displacement of 996 cm³. It gives the outputs of 50 kW or 53 kW (67 hp or 71 hp) each at 6000 rpm. 

For the model version with higher demands, Toyota chose the 4-cylinder K3-VE engine with a displacement of 1297 cm³. The engine had an output of 68 kW (92 hp) and a torque of 123 Nm at 4400 rpm. A second-hand Toyota Passo in the Bahamas is available from 1.000 $US upwards. 

Closing Lines 

Looking for good cars for sale in the Bahamas, primarily Japanese used cars in the Nassau area? For fair prices, you will find some of the most popular models in the SBT Bahamas, especially if you are ready to consider older models.