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Best Manual Cars For Sale in Uganda

Best Manual Cars For Sale in Uganda

Although automatic cars have taken over the market greatly, manual cars have still not lost their charm. Those comfortable driving a manual car do not easily get used to automatic cars. Manual car sales are still high, especially in poor regions where people cannot afford automatic cars. Since manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars, so people in poor regions go for manual cars. Uganda is a part of East Africa where 41% of the population lives in poverty. People who can afford a personal car are rare. The demand for manual cars is high because automatic cars are more expensive. People look for manual cars for sale in Uganda, both new and used, as per their budget to fulfill their needs. A lot of the population in Uganda prefers manual cars over automatic ones. Hence, the demand for manual cars is high.

Used Japanese cars, including both manual and automatic, are in demand in Uganda. Since the urbanization rate in Uganda is increasing yearly, people prefer buying cars for their routine transport needs. The most common and liked manual cars for sale in Uganda are;

Toyota Corolla
toyota corolla

Toyota Corolla is considered the most reliable manual car. It is the best manual car in Uganda and has maintained this position over the years. This model has achieved success all over the world and is affordable for people in Uganda. The fans prefer this car because of its decent look, good features, comfort, and space. The car is smooth on the road, and its spare parts are easily available. It shows that buying a used Toyota Corolla in Uganda would not make you regret the decision.

Toyota Hilux

toyota hilux mt

Another model by Toyota is the Toyota Hilux which is a bakkie. The heavy and powerful vehicle has a large capacity and amazing features. It has achieved great success and attention from many markets around the world. People with big families or businesses go for Hilux to use it for logistics. In Uganda, Hilux is used for transporting agricultural and other products. It is also used to transport other important resources. Hence, Toyota Hilux is one of Uganda’s most useful manual models.

Toyota Passo

toyota passo

Toyota Passo is available in both manual and automatic transmissions. People looking for a manual Toyota Passo for sale in Uganda who are more interested in manual cars go for the Passo manual. It is a small and easy-to-maintain car preferred for routine like going to work. It is also suitable for small families and females. The car has achieved positive feedback in terms of convenience and size. It is one of the most liked small cars in Uganda. It suits people in terms of pricing since it is affordable.

Subaru Forester

Subaru forester

Subaru Forester is another manual car for sale in Uganda. It is a versatile compact SUV with advanced safety features and multi-weather compatibility. It suits the people in Uganda because of its shape and size. Subaru Forester comes in attractive colors and is also affordable. It is available for sale in Uganda and has been in high sales. Its 2014 model can be seen on various websites in use. The car gives an impression of a luxury vehicle with an affordable price and attractive shape. Those who are more into luxurious and attractive cars go for this.

Nissan Sahara

Uganda residents use the old model of Nissan Sahara for commercial purposes and it is available for sale as manual cars Its sales are still high because it has a good capacity for merchandise. The vehicle can go through rough surfaces and keep the business going, due to which people are not getting over this vehicle in Uganda. It is suitable in both urban and rural areas. Businesses go for Nissan Sahara to fulfill their logistic needs. It is also suitable for transferring products like milk, fruits, vegetables, water, etc.

Subaru WRX STI

Subaru WRX STI

Subaru WRX STI 2019 model is also known for sale among manual cars in Uganda. This model is liked by those who are interested in sports cars. It is a strong, high-performance vehicle with a 2000 cc engine. It is an important manual model among cars for sale in Uganda. The car has had good demand, and people are still into this kind of affordable sports car that fulfills their interests.

Advantages of Manual Cars

Lower price

You must have noticed that manual cars are always cheaper than automatic cars. And the price difference is significant. It is because manual transmission engines have lesser moving parts. If you are on a low budget and still want a new vehicle, you should opt for a manual transmission vehicle.

Better Gas Mileage

When you drive a manual transmission vehicle, it puts you in charge of your car. It is not like an automatic transmission vehicle. By shifting gears, you decide how much power you send to your engine. While going down a hill, you may shift your car to neutral gear, and it will coast like a bicycle saving extra power for your engine. Using fewer engines can save you from burning extra fuel. It means manual cars give the power to your hand.

Lower repair costs

Manual cars have fewer moving parts, so the repair cost is lower. Fewer parts need to be damaged for the repair cost to be low.

Fewer distractions

Smartphones are the key distractions that distract even more easily in an automatic car. Distractions while driving can be life-threatening and cause serious accidents. People use their phones more in automatic cars than in manual because their hand is free. Manual car drivers keep their eyes on the road and both hands busy, minimizing distractions automatically.

More fun

Driving is a hobby and fun activity for many people. They go for long drives to release stress, and driving a manual gives them control over their car. It makes driving fun. Manual drivers can take advantage of the engine’s full power, unlike automatic cars which are designed to drive in a specific way. If you are paying a lot for your car, why not make the most out of it?


Uganda is an undeveloped country in South Africa where the poverty rate is high. The country’s vehicle market is growing; however, most people look for affordable cars that they can use to fulfill their routine needs. In many parts of the world, manual cars still have value, and people prefer those because they are more comfortable with the manual.

Moreover, manual cars are cheaper than automatic, and the used cars market still has many manual cars. These are all the reasons why people in Uganda like driving manual cars. It suits their pocket and lifestyle, and they are very comfortable with manuals. It can be noticed that among the best manual cars for sale in Uganda, Toyota is dominant. Its models, Corolla, Hilux, and Passo, are the top-sold manual cars in the region. This shows that people in Uganda prefer Toyota over anything else when they buy a manual car.