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Brands 2015 Report: Toyota Continues As Most Valuable Car Brand

An Overview

As world’s No. 1 manufacturer of the automobiles, Toyota is the most honored car brand; having the highest market value. This is proved through the annual BrandZ 2015 report, presented after a thorough research and analysis. The authentication of the report is determined and ascertained by the fact that its writers are responsible for ranking and valuing the top 100 brands of the world. The report is designed and based upon the important business parameters. The worth mentioning parameters include: the distributive channel of the company, positioning, leadership role, market share, brand image, features installed and many more elaborated well in the report. These parameters are useful to rank and rate different brands relating different business categories being operated across the globe.

The Facts And Figures

According to the report, Toyota is valued at 28.913 million dollars and within the period of a year it has gained and added 2% more to its value. Among the 100 most valuable brands of the world, Toyota is ranked 30 to be accurate.  On the contrary, BMW with 26.349 million dollars and Mercedes-Benz with 21.786 stood behind the world leader. Honda, Ford, Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Lexus are other nominated car brands for the contest, but only Honda, Ford and Nissan were able to enter and rank in the list 100 most valuable car brands list. Audi is the brand that has witnessed growth to about 43% last year and was announced to be the most wanted and preferred cars on social networks.
Brandz Report 2015 Highlighted Car Brands With Their Market Share!
1. Toyota 28.913 million dollars (2%)
2. BMW 26,349 (2%)
3. Mercedes-Benz 21,786 (1%)
4. Honda 13,332 (5%)
5. Ford 13,106 (11%)
6. Nissan 11,411 (3%)
7. Audi 10,127 (43%)
8. Volkswagen 9,283 (10%)
9. Land Rover 4.987 (New)
10. Lexus 4.329 (New)