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How To Drive Automatic Car On Zimbabwe Roads

How To Drive Automatic Car On Zimbabwe Roads

Learn How to Drive Automatic Car On Zimbabwe Roads

There are differences between driving an automatic vehicle and a manual vehicle. Driving an automatic car is a bit straightforward and is comparatively easy. One can become good at driving automatic cars by practicing a lot. It requires less control and multi-tasking as compared to manual. In Zimbabwe, most people are now choosing automatic cars in zimbabwe over manual cars because of the ease of driving and reduced stress during driving. A lot of people are afraid of driving because they think they cannot control or multitask and will end up getting into minor accidents. You have better control in the automatic vehicle, and there is no need to multitask. People in Zimbabwe are, therefore, fond of automatic cars. This article will discuss how to drive an automatic car on Zimbabwe roads;

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with Automatic Car Pedals

An automatic car and a manual car have significant dissimilarities. Among these, one important difference is that the automatic car has only two pedals; the accelerator and the brake. The brake is on the left, and the accelerator is on the right. The brake pedal may be a bit larger in some cars than others to make the difference more clear for drivers. Because of this, an automated car is considerably better and simpler to drive than a manual one.

The first thing you need to do is sit in the driver’s seat and take some time to familiarize yourself with the pedals. Press the brake pedal and release it. Do it a few times to get a sense of how it responds. Afterward, do the same with the accelerator starting with a gentle push and then applying more pressure. It gives you a sense of their extent. Remember that you must have your foot on the brake pedal while driving the car, whether the car is moving or in gear.

Step 2: Start the Engine and Put the Car in Gear

The second step in the process is to start the engine. While driving an automatic car, you have to turn the key to the ‘on’ position before starting the engine. The key is replaced with a button in some newer models of automatic cars. You can check your car’s manual if you are confused about how to start the engine.

With your right foot, press the brake pedal after starting the engine to engage the gears. The gear is typically located on the center console or steering column in automated vehicles. Different symbols are used; P stands for parking, R for reverse, N for neutral, and D for a drive. Use these gears as needed while you drive, reverse, park, or stop. Put your car in the desired gear while pressing the brake pedal. Ensure the gear selector is at the desired gear before you release the brake pedal.

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Step 3: Accelerate and Brake Smoothly

Brakes and acceleration should be smooth to be a good driver. Use the accelerator pedal gently if you wish to increase the speed. Press the brake gently if you want to stop the car or slow down the speed. Pressing brakes immediately with a lot of pressure disturbs the car and its speed. It can even cause accidents because any person or vehicle in front of your car does not know you are about to press the brakes.

It is important to avoid sudden movements of the brake and accelerator pedals. Sudden movements can make the car jerk and make for an uncomfortable ride. Gradual adjustments to speed and braking will make your driving smooth.

Step 4: Use the Handbrake When Parked

Now let’s look at some instructions while parking a car. Always use the handbrake. It is a lever between the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Pull the handbrake up when you want to push the brake pedal. On the other hand, to release the handbrake, press the brake pedal down while pushing the handbrake down.

You must use the handbrake because it saves the car from moving while parked. It is mandatory to pull the handbrake when the car is parked on a hill. The handbrakes prevent the car from rolling downhill.

Step 5: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Roads make you aware when you drive an automatic car in Zimbabwe. People cross roads; there can be cats or dogs on the roads or other cars driving on the road. You are partly responsible for their safety too. Hence, keep your eyes and mind open and see what is happening on the road.

Some drivers only focus on the front. Rather, you should focus on all four sides of the car and road. Check your blind spots before changing lanes or making a turn, and use your mirrors to keep an eye on the traffic in front of you.

Traffic rules and laws are mandatory. Whether you have a manual or an automatic car, keep up with the traffic rules and stay compliant. When you go out on the road with your car, you are also responsible for the safety of others.

Step 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

And last, driving an automatic car with confidence and skill requires practice. You will be nervous and uncomfortable at the start but keep going, and you will get the hang of driving an automatic car. It is better to start on a low-traffic road or ground to get familiar with the environment, pedals, and gears. Once familiar, take the car out and start learning road ethics.

Additional Tips

Additionally, a few extra tips can make driving an automatic car on Zimbabwe roads even easier. For example, make sure to adjust your seat and mirrors before driving to ensure maximum visibility and comfort. The ideal position is to reach the pedals comfortably and clearly see the road ahead and behind.

Automatic cars usually distract drivers because their other hand is free, and there are only two pedals. The drivers start using their cellphones, eating, or anything. It’s a dangerous thing to do because you never know what comes up. Keep your focus on the road and diving all the time to make sure you and other people and cars on the road are safe.

Being nervous before or while driving is normal if you are driving an automatic car for the first time. You can take driving lessons or practice more with an experienced driver. It helps build confidence and learning techniques that make driving easy and enjoyable.

Driving an automatic car in Zimbabwe is a simple and enjoyable experience that can open up a world of freedom and convenience. By following these basic steps and tips, you can become a confident and skilled automatic car driver in no time. So why wait? Get behind the wheel and start exploring Zimbabwe’s roads today!

Summing It Up

Driving a manual car differs from driving an automatic car. Driving a manual car, however, is far more challenging than driving a manual. Due to this, drivers become negligent and distracted while driving automatic cars, which makes it dangerous. Stay aware of what is happening on the road and control your car accordingly. Stay in the right lane, maintain a suitable speed, and control the car. Before you can start to drive, you must become comfortable with the engine and the pedals. Your driving should be smooth, and such smoothness comes from practicing.