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Driving Distraction- Kill All Women

woman on steering wheel with revolver pointing towards her from side

We are sick of gender stereotype attached to accidents while driving, how true is it is yet to be explored.

There are many people who have this stigma attached to woman. They say that accidents are always because of women because either they are on driving seat or they are distracting the driver with their emotional drama and non-stop talks.

Here is how a creative agency best define the implication of makeup leading to accidents.

Face Powder Can Make You Use AirBag



Source: Honda

Instead of Mascara Focus On The Pole Near



Source: Honda

Keep Your Eye on Pedestrian- Driving Distraction



Source: Honda

Here is another one for pedestrians, in reference to cellphone usage. Something that is considered to be the favorite medium for women, and is undeniably much more lethal.

Cell Phone Makes Someone Walking Dead



Source: Ads of The World

Mobile Phone Culprit of Cycle Death



Source: Ads of The World

The Familia Death Due To Cell Phone



Source: Ads of The World

We admit that driving distractions in any form should be avoided in any form but the sick mentality of Kill All Women should be avoided. Instead care and focus should be maintained while driving. Avoid using phone or doing anything that keep your eyes off road including a small touch up. If you really need to do it, park car at nearest stop.




Source: U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

Now will you say Kill All Man?

By giving woman the respect and having the guts to listen to their concerns will make her understand your situation in peak hours including while on wheel. It will give her the confidence to drive, further reducing the probability of accidents.

Man should also be careful, as no matter which gender is driving, it is our social responsibility to abide by rules. When on road one does not cause damage to itself only but also to the immediate surrounding.