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An eco car is a road automobile that generates less destructive influence on the environment when compared with the cars that run on gasoline or diesel producing high level of dangerous gasses to human health. At present the term is used for all the vehicles that observe the European emission standards or zero emission vehicles standards of California or the low-carbon fuel standards in some countries.

The hazardous gases that are linked with road transport are nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) where carbon dioxide is the 85% of all green house gases. These harmful gases contribute to the intensity of climatic change.

These vehicle pollutants contribute to many diseases like lungs cancer, asthma and other disease linked to respiration.

Electric and fuel cell-powered

Electric and fuel cell-powered cars are based on the reduced consumption of petroleum for example electric cars, fuel cell-powered hydrogen cars and plug-in hybrids. Electric cars are considered to be more efficient and therefore plug-in hybrids are getting more popularity.

Hybrid electric vehicles

Hybrid cars are fueled partly on fossils and partly on electric or hydrogen power. Compared with other eco cars these are very expensive to buy.


Compressed air and liquid nitrogen cars

The most environmental friendly vehicles are the compressed air car and liquid nitrogen cars.

Solar vehicles

Solar vehicles are categorized as the electric vehicles that are charged with the energy obtained from the sun.

This solar energy is converted to electric energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. However these vehicles are not very practical means of transport yet there are few cities that are using solar-powered buses like Tindo bus in Adelaide, Australia.


Your preference for an eco car is your statement of being a humanitarian since a green car uses renewable resource and saves the environment unlike a conventional car that burns a lot of fuel made from the crude oil and will eventually run out causing a threat to the world environment. So buy a green car and become a contributor towards saving the future generations, the environment and our world.