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Meaning of CC In Cars- Everything You Need To Know About Car Engine Sizes 

meaning of cc in cars

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning Of CC in Cars? If you are someone who is crazy about cars, then there is no chance for this term to slip your mind.  

What is CC (Cubic Capacity)?

The size of your car’s engine is measured in Cubic Centimeters (CC). The size of the engine is the volume of air along with fuel pushed through the car’s cylinders.  However, the car’s engines are mostly specified in liters. Well, this is done by rounding up to the closest tenth of the liter. For example, some describe a car with a 1390 CC engine as a 1.4-liter engine.  

Generally, a car with a bigger engine will produce more power than a small one. But now, some cars possess turbocharged engines, which enable them to generate more energy than they used to.  

Horsepower can calculate the amount of power your car’s engine generates, also called bhp. Whereas the CC meaning in cars, generally refers to the Cubic Centimeters, which are used to calculate the size of the engine. Let’s look at the car’s different engines concerning the meaning of CC in cars.  

Small Engine Cars 

meaning of cc in cars

The small engine size typically ranges between 1 liter to 1.9 liters. It is the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient engine. Mainly because of the reason that they carry less fuel to burn in order to generate power. 

Although, these engines are not able to produce more power as compared to larger engines. These are perfect only when they are used for their specific purpose, which is usually limited to a normal drive in the city. 

If you want your car to run at high speeds, the engine will have to work harder to generate more power. Also, there are chances that it may lead to an increase in the fuel consumption of your car.  

Large Engine Cars 

meaning of cc in cars

A 2.0-liter engine and upwards simply means that it is a large engine. These engines are more powerful than small engines(1 to 1.9 liters).  

Since these are bigger in size, they are also priced higher due to their ability to generate more power. Whereas more power means more speed, the amount of fuel burned is quite a lot.  

Turbocharged Engine Cars 

meaning of cc in cars

As shocking as it may sound, the size of the engines does not always determine how powerful they are. These cars are quite fuel efficient without needing a higher engine cubic centimeter (CC). 

Due to this reason, these cars can match with cars having higher CC but lacking a turbocharged engine. For instance, the EcoBoost turbo engine of a Ford 1-liters is able to generate the same amount of power as a 1.7-liter 4-cylinder engine. 

What Size Of Car Engine Is Best For You? 

When selecting the size of the engine for your car, it is better to consider what you expect from your car prior to buying the engine. Moreover, those who can afford a little extra on their car can get cars with higher CC car engines. 

However, spending on a lightweight car engine with a low CC would be more suitable for you if you are on a low budget or simply saving your money. These engines might not be able to reach high speeds, but they are definitely more cost-effective as compared to the high CC car engines.  

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For those who want to contribute fewer pollutants to the environment, exploring the possibilities of buying a hybrid car engine would be perfect. These engines are best to combine the range and power of a higher CC engine along with certain benefits to the environment. These engines are also quite fuel-efficient and decrease exhaust emissions by several means. 

 No matter what you expect from your engine, it is always a great idea to research about the engine’s size before buying one to check whether it will be worthwhile. These are some of the major considerations before choosing an engine size. 

Running Costs 

Generally speaking, the bigger the size of an engine, the more fuel it will consume. As a result, it will generate more emissions into the environment. The more emissions your car produces, the more road taxes you will have to pay. 

So, if your main concern is driving around the town at low running costs, then a small car with a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine might be your best bet. However, if you love long drives, a bigger and more powerful diesel or petrol engine will be more suitable for you. Keep in mind that insurance for cars with smaller engines tends to be relatively lower, yet it depends on the model of the car. 

Town Driving 

If you have to drive your car daily through the town, then consider having a car with a smaller engine. There is simply no point in owning a more powerful engine than you require. The car will smaller engines is quite cost-effective too. 

Motorway Driving 

A mid-size diesel engine might be the most appropriate choice if you regularly drive on the motorway. Such engines offer great fuel economy along with a modest amount of grunt when you have to overtake others. 


Nothing is better than a speedy car on an even road. It surely gives you a big dose of wow experience, particularly if you are a person who loves long and smooth drives. However, if you want to run your car across the uneven streets, you should get a bigger, high-power engine.  

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Engine Size and Economy 

By now, you can likely understand that large engines with more air and fuel capacity typically require more fuel than smaller engines. However, if you are concerned about the fuel you will need and the cost you have to pay for the fuel. In such cases, a car engine with large CC might not be perfect for you. 

Final Thoughts  

The automobile segment has its own awes trucking world. Any person eager to drive a car must have essential information about features, specifications, and dashboard signs. 

Understanding the meaning of CC in cars is quite important for a person who owns or drives a car. It all depends on your personal preference when it comes to choosing an engine. It is always wise to consider everything you will expect from your car before investing. Sort out your requirements and invest in what suits you best.