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New Cars Under 500K In Kenya

new cars under 500k in kenya

Kenya has one of the largest and most stable African economies, alongside a relatively good developed infrastructure. Therefore, the demand for good automobiles is high, and there is a considerable market, both for old and new cars. If you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle in Kenya, here’s an overview of some new cars under 500K in Kenya for sale. After taking a quick look at the country and the market for vehicles, especially new cars for sale in Kenya, we will look at some models you can purchase new for under 500K KES. 

The automobile market of Kenya delivers a wide range of new and used cars. Everything is available in Kenya’s automobile market, from modern automatic cars to heavy and light trucks. So, for the ones looking for Japanese used vehicles, Kenya is just the perfect place to pound.   

Toyota Porte


Toyota has never failed to launch a remarkable and comfortable range of vehicles. Most Toyota cars are manufactured in Japan. Returning to Toyota Porte, it has all the features that make it an ideal choice for car lovers. The vehicle comes with a luxurious interior and three side doors. Toyota Porte, which is also known as the French door, was first assembled in July 2004. 

Toyota Porte is a mini MPV, initially the best driving partner for right-hand drivers. The first model of Toyota Porte had a sliding door, which kept the car in highlights for a long time. Moreover, the exterior of the car was unique. The slim narrow side swept headlights, and dual standard fog highlights were the special features of a car back in the 2000s. 

The fabric-covered front and rear seats made the interior even better. Further, it had automatic climate control coupled with noise insulation levels. 

Toyota Corolla Fielder


As an automobile company, Toyota always ensures to design cars to satisfy anyone who drives that car. Talking about the overall look of the Toyota Corolla Fielder, it is pretty similar to the Honda Airwave. In addition, the car’s engine and exterior are very much identical to the Hondawave. 

The car differs from Honda airwave in safety measures. The safety measures in the Corolla Fielder’s new models are critical. The presence of airbags, electronic brake force distribution, and fog lamps ensure the maximum safety of the drivers. However, to enhance the external look of their car, uniquely designed bumper and door handles are added. The car also has a theft security alarm. The company has made all the possible changes required to make the car safer and more fun to drive.  

Toyota Passo X

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo was initially assembled in 2016 on April 12th. The car is spacious and comfortable with a revamped design. Several styles have been added to make the Toyota Passo X successful among automobile lovers. The vehicle had lightweight. It further has high rigidity. Also, the company has covered the car’s body with enhanced suspension and collision avoidance assistance. Furthermore, this collision system is a standard for all car models. 

The car has excellent performance and falls in the category of being highly affordable to all. It is a perfect partner for city driving and gives Maximum fuel efficiency of 28.0 km/L. It is the highest fuel efficiency provided by any other vehicle. The car is available in many colors, like red and emerald green. The compact design of the car makes it secure to drive. 

Nissan Note


Nissan Note is another car easily available under 500K KES. It is an excellent minivan with a tailgate. It was created in collaboration with Renault. As a special feature, the Note has a sliding rear seat: pushed back, the Note offers legroom like in a luxury vehicle. However, the trunk of the Nissan Note then only holds 280 liters. If the rear seat is all the way forward, the Note swallows 437 liters, with still good freedom of movement for the rear passengers. 

The Nissan Note has a remarkable interior, with four comfortable passenger seats. Furthermore, the presence of three engine types: 1.2-liter petrol, 1.2-liter DiG-S petrol, and a 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine, make Nissan Note a sustainable vehicle. Also, the Nissan Note is usually available at a reasonable cost in the used and new cars for sale in Kenya. 

Suzuki Alto F


The aerodynamic design of the Suzuki Alto F makes the car stylish. The car was assembled in Japan at the end of 2022. So the best place to get this car is through the SBT Japan portal for used and new cars for sale in Kenya. 

The Suzuki Alto has a 3 cylinders DOHC 12 Valves Engine with a displacement of 658 CC. However, the fuel tank capacity of the car is 27 liters. The average car mileage is approximately 24 Km/L in the city and 26 Km/L on highways. Talking about the interior of the car is dynamic and luxurious. 

There are four comfortable seats, with the Suzuki logo embedded in the center of the steering. Besides several unique and safety features of Alto, it also has a Torsion beam with coil spring rear suspension. In addition, it also has a Macpherson Strut with Coil Spring suspension in front to ensure maximum safety of the driver. 

Closing Lines 

Cars fascinate us all equally. However, the high price is enough to knock our socks off. Several countries own an automobile market selling a wide variety of the most affordable and contemporary designs of vehicles. On the other hand, the Japanese automobile market is entirely in highlights on selling the best-used cars. The people crazy for cars believe in getting their hands on Japanese used cars to get the best deals. 

The vehicle market in Kenya offers a lot of cars with satisfying quality that matches the country’s specific needs. Especially Japanese models are successful here, and you will easily find tempting offers for purchasing a vehicle in Kenya.