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The drastic changes in the global climate have seriously become the impending threats to our Mother Earth. So we need to Save Our Souls (SOS) by coming with right strategy to cater. As the population is increasing day by day, the level of pollution has also raised catastrophically that leads to the global warming. People are unaware of the hazardous pollutants which have been fluctuating environmental balance. However, the best method to reduce the bad effects on global environment is the recycling of items. Recycling helps to reduce the level of pollution, conserve natural resources and provide fringe economic benefits.

In today’s era recycling of scrap metals has gained major attention globally as people become aware of its benefits. The recycling of car is becoming increasing widespread as the people gets knowing about the worth of this fine method. Every year, around 27 million cars are recycled across the globe and about 2.9 million tons of zinc is recovered from these scrap cars. The recycling just not cleans the environment or reduces the use of fossil fuel, but it also earns some cash for you. If you have any old car that might not be working or sitting around on your home, you can take it away for recycling rather than depositing it into dump.


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The proper recycling of cars can save us from numerous lethal effects as it safely disposes the hazardous material from vehicle including coolant, brake fluid and gases, which in result cause harm to the environment as well as to all living beings. The car contains ample of lethal acid, fluids which should be defused properly, otherwise it may spread environmental contamination. The plastic components and glass material should also be disposed of instead of depositing it into the ground. The fluids from junked automobiles including oil, gasoline and mercury have fair chances of polluting your surroundings. These fluids can also affect groundwater and other beings too if it is not discarded properly. According to some renowned environmentalist, “it takes only one liter of oil to contaminate one million liters of water.” Another major reason to recycle scrap cars in proper way is to prevent the leakage of lead-acid car batteries. The batteries leak the sulphuric acid and lead into the environment that causes serious health issues. So  recycling should be done by entities that have proper knowledge to do so.


There are some valuable reasons to recycle vehicle rather than to junk it in an old-fashioned way. You would certainly feel better by taking part to save the environment and earn the cash while recycling your car. Here are some benefits of recycling.


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Environmental Benefits

The process of recycling produce large amount of steel and other materials from car without going through any harmful method. The extraction of steel and other usable material through recycling also reduces the effect of greenhouse gases. The production of new steel requires large amount of coal and energy resource. However, recycling can protect natural resources and has less environmental impact.


Recycling process of metals uses less energy in comparison to manufacture metal from virgin ore. Generally, recycling steel utilizes about 74% of less energy than it takes to produce from ore. The recycling of car not only gives you energy savings, but also gives you the generous amount of valuable metal out of it. It includes 92% for aluminum, 56% for steel, 90% for copper and zinc within economical manner.


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Economic Fringes

Many of the scrap-dealing companies prefer to buy old car on cash in order to recycle it. They offer good package for your scrap car. It is dismantled and recycled in sophisticated way to get the best from it. This business has become so popular worldwide as many of the firms deal with the trade of scrap cars. Thus, your old car may become a gold mine for you, if you prefer to recycle it rather than keeping it at your surroundings.

In short, you must look out for an old used car in your locality, so that it can be recycled as it could be helpful to protect the environment and save our globe.


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