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Why Your Car Is Named

Naming the car is one of the most crucial and important decision that an individual or the manufacturer has to make. Though naming the vehicle is not at all easy, there are number of factors and steps that are worth going through to reach to a final decision. The vehicle name can be derived from one of its impressive qualities, superb functionality, design, style, color any other notable factor.  Hence, it requires time and effort to choose and dedicate a name to the car and then live with it.

Tips for the Best Names!

Based on extensive research studies and reviews conducted over a time, there are some tips that could help in deciding the best suitable name for the vehicles. The points to consider are: name the vehicle on the basis of the personality it posses such as bold or daring, consider the year and sequence in the lineup or range and know of the trendy names. This way one could save themselves from some creepy names and model numbers that even customers are not even comfortable to own or acquire.
Some Famous Models and Their Nomenclature
1. Toyota Yaris
It is a mixture of Greek mythology and German. “Charis” in the Greek mythology was a symbol of beauty and elegance. What Toyota did was change the “Ch” for “Y”.
2. Toyota Supra
It is a Latin root, meaning “above”. The name is a clear vindication of its sporting roots. This name was doomed to be the icon of the ’80s and’ 90s.
3. Toyota Auris
The Latin word “aurum” is the origin of the current “gold” and the chemical symbol of the metal “Au”. It is also inspired by the English word “aura”. The combination of both the words is meant to stress the importance of sales that this model brought for Toyota soon after its unveil at the Paris Motor Show in 2006.
4. Toyota Corolla
The word “Corolla” is derived from the English word Castilian. It means the ring around the central petals of a flower. The name laid emphasis entirely upon the exclusive and inspiring design of the make altogether.
5. Toyota Prius
Prius is a Latin word which means prior or before. The fact is that in 1997, the launch of the model was a new initiative in the market. No manufacturer till then had produced a hybrid vehicle of the type that could turn into a car with maximum storage compartments and greater spaciousness.
6. Toyota Camry
The origin of one of the most successful models of Toyota across the Atlantic comes from the Japanese word “Kanmuri” which means “crown”. If we compare the silhouettes of this model and the Crown, we can guess that they have a common origin in the range of the Japanese manufacturer and a touch of royalty.
7. Toyota Avensis
It comes from the French “advancer” or “forward” in Castilian, alluding to step forward in 1997 as compared to its predecessor, the Carina E.