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2016 Mercedes AMG GT – Will Porsche Dial 911?


The main reason people like the AMG GT are that it is somehow the rear half of the upcoming car looks more Porsche than a Mercedes-Benz. The lately announced 2016 model is an appealing demonstration of the role reversal among German automobile makers.

The Traditional Mercedes is much flashier with much more focus on sports vehicles, whereas Porsche, a famous automobile company that continues to spread out beyond its roots into Sports Utility Vehicles, hybrids as well as sedan. Mercedes is trying to bring even more sportiness into their upcoming usual series, which is proved by the latest S-Class Coupe as well as the new C-Class.

The AMG GT 2006 is only the 2nd SUV to be built-up completely in-house by the car performance division of the German automobile makers, Mercedes-AMG. Although the one of the leading automobile companies Mercedes has been involved in manufacturing sports utility cars for its whole history, it repeatedly combined with the companies such as McLaren to expand them.

The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT will be lighter, smaller as well as less powerful than the existing SLS AMG that is currently in the final year of manufacturing. Per se, this model takes the company into the new territory; an extremely competitive sports utility car segment conquered by Porsche 911. The company hasn’t revealed the pricing for the upcoming AMG GT 2016 yet, however Mercedes has announced that the AMG GT will be the competitive with the Porsche 911 that starts with $84,300.

The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT will introduced with the features includes twin turbocharged, V8 4.0 liter to make it much compact as well as enhanced turbo performance. Two engines models will be available and it will have a pleasing steering feel.