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Are Electric Cars A Threat To Life?


Electric cars have gained popularity over the years with the high prospect that future will be completely electrical. But like many other gadgets it turned out to bring in hidden threat to life. The Electro Magnetic Field is researched to be the living cause of headache, nausea, depression, anxiety and stress.

The rotation of the wheel alone generate magnetic field that can not be avoided even in normal cars. Let alone talk about electric one that run on electricity. It can be damaging to children and women sitting with driver. Talking about the drivers, they might suffer the most in the process.

Though the close analysis and a number of test shows that such cars are below 20% of radiation protection limit. It is checked by a number of authorities so research in this regard can never be questioned.

Hence the question is well answered in positive manner. Good News! The electric cars are not a serious threat to our lives.

Enjoy the ride of hybrid without much tension to take, but make sure that you get your vehicle tested over the years for potential threats. As the technology is new and more plus minus need to be identified yet.