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Automobile History of Myanmar


Myanmar is the country with rich history dated back to the early civilization. The Tibeto Burman speaking people of Upper Burma and Lower Burma. It was first the Pagan Empire and later the Mongol invasion. This country put the Emperor Changiz Khan in high regard and considers him his great emperor. It has the border joined with Bangladesh, India, China and Thailand and is the 24th most populous country across globe.

The automobile history dated back to 1905 when the first vehicle was imported and till today new chapters are being added to the auto-industry.

The Beginning

The year 1905 brought in an interesting sight, as the bullock carts along with imported automobiles were seen together giving the old and modern paradigm set together. In 1914 the India Motor Vehicle Act was ratified to bring order to the industry that also applied to Myanmar which was part of subcontinent in British Regime.

The Exclusive Treatment with Global Exposure

The year 1915 brought in Myanmar Motor Vehicle Rules. This opened a new chapter in the vehicle industry for customization of cars as according to the need of customer here. The year 1956 was the start of distribution of Toyota, the number one Japanese Brand, in global market. In this year 22 Land Cruisers came to Myanmar.

The Used Car Boom

The used car boom  came in 2011 when there were cars of late 60s and 70s on the roads of Myanmar. It was the side effect of the import restriction that those who could affort new vehicles were less, while those who wanted economical option had to go for used car from 2-3 decades.

Because of the strategic implantation in 2011, the boom in used car industry came, that brought in exporters from across globe to Myanmar.