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Best Selling Subaru Used Cars

Best Selling Subaru Used Cars

Subaru is a Japanese car brand belonging to Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) Company and is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of all-wheel drive cars. The company’s foundation dates back to early nineties when Chikuhei Nakajima gave birth to Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd., destined to become a leading aircraft developer in Japan.

Later on, the company was renamed Fuji Sangyo Co. Ltd. and began producing coaches and motor scooters. In 1947 he launched the Rabbit S-1, a simple motor scooter that became its first sales champion. Subaru found itself forced to split into several sub-companies later down the line, six of which reunited after a short time under Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI).

A Prototype

In 1945, a car prototype was built, the first vehicle to bear the Subaru name.

But the economy utilitarian 360, also known as ladybug due to its rounded shapes, went into series production only at the end of the decade. Fuji Heavy Industries acquired a pioneering position in the four-wheel-drive vehicle sector thanks to the Leone 4WD, the first production car equipped with an activatable four-wheel drive. From this moment on, the brand’s history will remain closely linked to all-wheel drive.


A Versatile Brand

The Subaru list is enriched with other models such as the sporty “WRX” sedan with adequate comfort. It guarantees a fast and exhilarating ride. Only one version is available, including leather interior, fog lights, sunroof, and a rearview camera. The “XV” is a sports sedan with little luggage and nothing exceptional finishes.

The cheapest model is the 2.0 diesel. A sporty wagon is the “Levorg.” The “Free version” has a good price/equipment ratio. A cross between a wagon and an SUV is the Outback. Its road-holding is safe and able to tackle challenging terrain. The “BRZ” is a coupe that promises strong emotions.

To be precise, the following is an overview of selected Subaru used cars.


The passenger compartment is sober, elegant, and is relatively spacious. Initially, the Forester was only offered with a flat engine, while the Forester XT turbo model has also been available since 2003. Both models were reworked in the late twenties so that now the Forester and Forester XT have an innovative exterior and revised horsepower performance.  The XT can even reach an additional kW.

The Subaru Forester’s body silhouette is similar to the body contours of the previous generation model; however, the design became slightly aggressive. The ground clearance of the car is well developed.

The characteristic details of the Subaru used cars‘ exterior can be called a squinting squint of the headlights, a smoothly contoured bumper, a decorative grille in a chrome frame, a measure of the silhouette of the volume of the wheel arches, mirrors on the legs.

Along the perimeter of the lower body of the car, it is equipped with plastic protection. The revised generation of crossovers increased body stiffness for torsion and flexion, which positively affected the car’s smoothness and handling.

According to the brand, the car has updated suspension, making it possible to achieve the optimal combination of qualities inherent in a Subaru used cars and SUV.

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The Subaru Impreza has been a leading player on the international market for new, used cars and zero-mile cars for twenty-two years. The Japanese sedan’s success is mainly due to the philosophy with which it was designed and built for an extended period.

The first-generation Subaru Impreza had received an innovative range of EJ engines inherited from the Subaru Legacy; a Subaru used cars at the time engaged in world championships. The all-wheel-drive of some versions and the suspension made the   Subaru Impreza a fast car capable of absolute level performance.

The top of the first generation range, the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, available in a four-door sedan, station wagon, and coupé, was equipped with a 2.0 turbo engine. This car was the street version of the spirited Subaru Impreza that took part in the World Rally Championship, replacing the Legacy RS, winning three drivers and three constructors’ world titles.

The different versions of the Subaru Impreza WRC rally are still highly sought after by collectors today, although this model made its last appearance in a world championship in 2008. Subaru Impreza’s current competitors in the international used car market are sedans.

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Impreza Sports

The Subaru Impreza has a muscular line, where the bar and style on the hood and sides stand out. The sporty line continues in the windows’ rising profile and the roof and rear window’s marked inclination. It maintains the mechanical approach of the historic model, with a boxer engine and four-wheel drive. Still, it is an innovative car, with its brand-new platform and reinforced body.

There is only one engine available, not precisely sporty, because the sporting vocation is now delegated to the more racing Subaru WRX. In the passenger compartment, where space has increased, simple lines prevail, but comfort is improved thanks to soft plastics and quality materials.

Most of the controls are grouped on the steering wheel not to distract the driver from the road. Thanks to the all-wheel drive and the advanced platform, the discussed Subaru used cars can count on a high level of stability and road holding, a feature that makes it appreciated by lovers of sporty driving.

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Touring Wagon

On the road, it is appreciated for its excellent road holding (even in wet conditions) and its limited lateral style; between curves, it is agile and fun to drive and can also count on a braking system capable of ensuring limited stopping distances and excellent resistance to fatigue.

The comfort is also useful; the suspensions effectively filter the roughness, and the soundproofing of the passenger compartment is well developed. The two-zone “climate” is standard, but when asking for a quote, it is advisable to add the distance sensors (supplied by the dealership); it is a pity that to have the navigator, you have to buy the expensive package that includes electrically sunroof and reversing camera.

On the other hand, if savings are the goal, you can choose the affordable one, with alloy wheels and   “touristy” suspensions. This family Subaru used cars offers space and comfort but does not excel in the passenger compartment’s materials. Powered by a BHP turbo diesel boxer and equipped with a sports suspension, it is fun to drive and safe, thanks to the permanent all-wheel drive and good braking qualities.

The equipment is rich and includes xenon headlights, but the distance sensors need to be purchased separately, and the navigator can only be experienced in an expensive package.

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The B4 is the perfect combination of dynamics, handling, and comfort. The revised generation of Subaru Legacy B4 sedans grew in size, with super capacity and relaxed drive. Like its predecessor, the updated Legacy B4 belongs to the sports sedan caste. New technologies, including the SI frame concept, have increased the car’s stability and controllability.

The cradle engine support system significantly improved the engine compartment’s sound insulation and reduced the likelihood of severe deformation and damage in the event of a collision. The tuned sedan improved suspension and Bilstein shock absorbers. A flexible strut for the A-pillars, two stabilizers for the front suspension, and stabilizers for the rear pillars were also installed.

All of this innovative kit significantly improved the car’s grip on the road, providing the sedan with excellent controllability. Due to the improved suspension, the Legacy B4 is quite soft, despite the small clearance and the apparent earthiness. Please note, discussed aspect is the result of the attractive chassis design, which was first tested on the Impreza. They were replaced by the old one on the rear axle and updated rack.

A Subaru used cars buyer needs to note; numerous cooperation have supported the expansion of the Subaru brand. In the United States, the Japanese company manages a plant in which the Outback is produced in collaboration with Izusu.

In Hungary, there is another factory in which Subaru builds with the Subaru Justy. From 2000 General Motors-owned some shares of the Subaru brand, but today, Fuji Heavy Industries collaborates with Toyota. Both well-known brands have strong ties to keep innovating advanced cars for brand loyalty.

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