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Best Ways to Recycle Old Car Parts

Best Ways to Recycle Old Car Parts

For years, we believe that recycling is good for the environment. Many of us have the habit of separating glass, plastic, and paper from our trash. Some do-it-yourself trends are motivating people to recycle their waste. It not only reduces litter but also turns out to be beneficial for health and nature.

Do you know you can recycle old car parts too? We have seen people commonly worrying about what to do with their old cars. Fortunately, most parts can be recycled, reprocessed, and reused. But, unfortunately, used cars in Tanzania end up in junkyards. If only people knew how to recycle car parts, the rate of litter would have been better.

As the concept of car recycling is emerging, many companies are offering services too. They will buy your car and recycle it using specific processes and machinery. Some of these specialize in collecting and recycling old car parts. These companies are playing a vital role in minimizing the environmental impact.

Sustainability has become a significant part of the world these days. People and industries are constantly paying attention to promote sustainable ways to protect the environment and ensure the efficient usage of resources. It’s essential that everyone participates and acts responsibly to make society sustainable. It can reduce our impact on nature.

Why RECYCLING OLD CAR Parts IS Beneficial?

The manufacturing of an automobile involves the use of various materials. In this era, it is essential to recycle and reuse everything possible. Suppose you are looking at your old car and thinking that most parts are beyond help. It’s time to think creatively and apply some innovative ideas.

Do you know that approximately 90 to 95% of parts of a car are salvageable?

Some of the recyclable auto parts are here:

1.   Batteries

In the United States, the regional and state laws are very firm. Consequently, recent regulations have an essential role in enforcing the shipping of old batteries to the recycling centers. Furthermore, it ensures that it is necessary to avoid releasing and leaking toxic chemicals into the environment during recycling.

In an automobile, batteries are the most dangerous waste parts. Hence, in Canada and United States, they take strict actions against it. Therefore, now recyclers are paying attention to recycling batteries.

For this, they melt down the plastic case of the battery. Further, auto recycling centers neutralize acid using the right ways. The plastic is then re-claimed for numerous purposes.

2.   Engine Oil

The motor oil does not wear out. If you check out conventional oils, most available in the market are reliable. These are good for up to 3 months. Additionally, synthetic oils last longer. However, it gets dirty, which is a major issue.

When disposing of engine oil, it’s critical to manage it effectively using a proper method. In the United States, certified collection centers are available. You can connect with the nearest one to find out their process. Once it is refined and cleaned, people and companies can reuse it for different purposes.

3.   Auto Glass

Every year, approximately 15 million people replace windshields in the United States. Fortunately, advanced and improved technologies are helping in recycling auto glass. Through this, the process converts glass into blocks and glass bottles. Recently, some new applications also came into existence.

The auto salvage companies buy auto glass for a reasonable price. However, suppose you have a car that has been in an accident; you would need a replacement for glass panes. As technology is advancing, it has become easier to crack and recycle auto glass. Once they separate the plastic from the glass during the recycling process, it is used for producing bottles and fiberglass insulation. On the other hand, plastic layers help in creating carpet glue and other products.

4.   Water Pumps

The water pumps form a large part of automobiles. You can easily remove, remanufacture, and reuse them. However, people commonly forget about it as it does not break down easily.

The used cars in Tanzania are going through recycling processes. If you remove the water pump from the process, it can get a new life.

5.   Tires

Like humans, tires also have a life span. As they get older and worn out, they end up in landfills. People yet do not realize how badly this affects the environment. These form solid waste and are no longer functional. In the United States, reports show the availability of 249.4 million waste tires every year.

You can transfer or transport your tires to the recycling center. They shred it into small strips. However, not all tires need to be always shredded. Some take the whole tire to produce derived fuel.

As the used cars in Tanzania reach their end life, the owners either sell them to a junkyard or choose an auto salvage company.

Tire recycling is also called rubber recycling. It sounds like a good idea, but it’s not easy. It involves the following steps:

  • Collection of waste or worn-out tires
  • They are shredding the tires into small pieces on processing plants.
  • Then, they separate tire wires from shreds and rubber. Fiber is separated.
  • The roll mills use steel wires to manufacture new wheels.
  • They use leftover rubber for field turfs on playgrounds.
  • In the screening process, they clean rubber and sort them according to their sizes.
  • Then, there is a cleaning stage that involves various cleaning agents and water.
  • They manage packaging and transportation accordingly.

In some places, old tires move to sports clubs, gyms, or zoos. You can also up-cycle them using creative and crafty ways. Sculptures, crafts, and artworks are beneficial.

What are the Best Ways to Recycle Old Car Parts?

Do you have a car that is in bad shape? It’s not running, or is it inoperable? Used cars in Tanzania often do not end up well. If you have one, you can either sell it to private buyers or look for auto salvage companies.

You can also use certain imaginative ways to recycle old car chunks. Here are some:

  • Use door and window handle as a part of home furniture. It’s a unique idea. So apply some creativity, paint it, and fix it your drawers or cabinets.
  • Use a car hump as a table. You can utilize it as a coffee table as it’s very fashionable. It will conveniently match your home furniture.
  • Transform a catalytic converter and use its platinum material. For this, you will have to connect with salvaging centers. The platinum can make precious jewelry or decoration pieces. Also, it’s helpful for dental work and forensic staining.
  • You can use car coils as holders. The swirly coils are pretty cool. The space between the rings can serve as holders for papers and folders.


All the recycling processes involve some creative and innovative ideas. It’s important to focus on sustainability as every auto part is salvageable. Hence, rather than just selling junk or old cars, consider ways to recycle and reuse components. It will help in managing used cars in Tanzania too.

Final Thoughts

Auto recycling has become the need of the hour worldwide as countries are struggling to control their waste. Every year, various used cars in Tanzania end up in junkyards. As a result, they become a part of the litter. It negatively affects the environment. In consideration, auto recycling is emerging as a long-term solution with time.

Recently, many auto recycling centers have caught attention in countries. People are paying more attention to sustainable living as they have become aware of the environmental effects of many processes.

If you have a junk or an old car, you can use the spare and used parts. Recycle and upcycle them by integrating the best ways to recycle old car parts. It will ensure that the used cars in Tanzania have a better future.