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Brutal Cold Winter And The Most Common Winter Energy Myth!!


 the biggest winter energy myth that the car owners might have heard and come across all their lives is that during winters, their car needs a little time to warm up when started and before it’s all set to be driven. That’s the reason why people living in chilly and pretty cold areas tend to ignite their engines long before they actually start driving. On average people tends to idle their cars for minimum five minutes at least.

The debate is whether the myth is true or it is the product of misconceptions carried forward over generations. There is however no debate on the fact that chilly winter does lead to the worse fuel economy and less efficiency by about 12 percent as compared to summers. Even the engines take longer duration to warm up and reach temperature that is optimal and suitable for driving.

Based on number of arguments, facts and figures put forward; it has been concluded that older cars that relied on carburetors as their engine component needed to warm-up likewise for greater functioning. This case does not apply to modern cars of today that has electronic fuel injection system which automatically adjust to the varying temperature conditions. Thus, idling in winters is not beneficial for the modern cars more than 30 seconds or the best way is to turn the engine on and off and enjoy a safe drive!