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Cars As According To Zodiac Stars- Till Mid Year- I



Zodiac signs best tell the comprehensive analysis of personality traits of different people. Through it many brands have come up with products that are exclusive to certain target chunk. Being part of car sales, we came across these details relating car to Zodiac Stars.

Rolls Royce For Capricorn

Being the elegantly sophisticated set, the Rolls Royce is the car for true Capricorns. It satisfies the need of practical ambitious lot. The humorous for few and reserved for many; need a car that depicts them. So here we have Rolls Royce the specially tailored handmade car for them.


Ferrari Daytona Spyder For Aquarius

The people of this sign are fun loving yet sophisticated enough with intelligence, progression and independence coming by default. So the car suggested for them is Ferrari Daytona Syder, the elongated car that brings style with luxury.


Audi TT Coupe For Pisces

The Pisces are adaptable, accepting and imaginative people that stood out from others because of these traits. The car selected for this lot of people is Audi TT Coupe that is stylish yet comfortable enough to cater their needs.


Lexus LS For Aries

Aries are generous, optimistic and courageous having go getter attitude. The Lexus LS is the car that best suits personality with uniqueness and class merged together.


Ford Fusion For Taurus

The Taurus are patient, reliable, warmhearted and persistent. Comfort and pleasure are something they crave for so Ford Fusion is there car.


Chevrolet Corvette For Gemini

Gemini is adaptable, versatile with communication as its power. They are intellectual; eloquent and youth full so a car to select for them is a hassle in itself. Chevrolet Corvette is the car that best depict the personality of this star.



Although individual preference may vary but cars that suit personality traits of stars have been mentioned.

More on Zodiac Stars are coming tomorrow.