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Honda Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan

Honda Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan

In the dedication to laying down the foundation of a collision-free society with their “safety for everyone” slogan on the go, Honda has been researching immensely to develop safe and secure driving technologies. With the long-term vision of providing people with an incredible technology that could help them experience a new level of adventure and the freedom to travel the way, they desire, Honda has come up with fantastic technology, i.e., Honda Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan.

This is particularly an advanced and updated version of Honda Sensing, which comes with a suite of driver-assistive technologies and advanced safety tools that are the specialty of all Honda vehicles worldwide. As the name suggests, Elite Special Movie for Japan is a truly premium technology integrated with the latest trends and tools.

Amongst many premium features, the most prominent is that of Traffic Jam Pilot. It is the most updated and latest automation (applicable conditionally and in a specific driving area). It has been awarded type designation by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, Tourism, and Transport. This amazing technology facilitates the drivers with automated functionalities within specified conditions such as congested traffic, an uncontrollable or unforeseen traffic situation, etc.

This amazing Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan comes with high-definition maps that are 3-dimensional and could track the view from 360-degree of the vehicle’s surroundings. Also, it has been integrated with so many incredible sensors that could track and sense driving conditions and help experience safe and secure, collision-free traveling across widespread and narrow, jam-packed roads. With all these incredible sensing and tracking functions, the ECU of Elite Special Movie for Japan helps make adequate predictions and recognitions, allowing the driver to drive smoothly with easy steering, braking, and acceleration.

Keeping in view the maximum safety and security of the drivers and an adaptable functionality of the vehicle, Honda underwent immense research and simulated an estimated 10 million practical situations into the system alongside conducting a huge number of demonstrations over the test vehicles on widespread roads expanding up to an approximated 800,000 miles.

Apart from the system, the Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan has been equipped with an entirely updated and latest exterior. From the integration of aluminum wheels to the blue accessory lights, everything has been kept minimal with embedded sensing and tracking features to let the vehicle speak of its autonomous nature yet remain modest at the same time.

The interiors which come along with this Honda’s Legend vehicle include super-advanced indicator lights. These lights have been specifically designed with specified colors, positions, brightness, and sizes and comprise an LCD meter that helps make predictions. This tool has been primarily designed for the driver to understand how the system has been operating throughout and to shift the system’s control to the driver – depending on the surrounding conditions.

Some of the amazingly advanced and dominant features of Honda Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan include the following –

  • Hands-Off Function –

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) are the two incredible features that assist with the driving functions even when the driver is not controlling the steering wheel. The three prominent areas where this amazing feature of the New Sensing Elite comes into use include the following –

  1. When you’re driving your car in a congested expressway, it helps your vehicle moving at a pre-set speed and establishes a certain distance from the car in front of yours.
  2. When you’ve given the signal for turning, this feature helps with automatic yet safe and secure acceleration and deceleration, and steering for the lane change.
  3. While assisting with autonomous lane change, the feature also allows detecting the presence of another vehicle in the lane so that you have enough time and capacity to change the driving speed, etc.
  • Emergency Stop Assistance –

If the Elite’s system’s handover request is not responded to by the driver, it helps the vehicle in deceleration and emergency stopping post, moving the vehicle to the most extreme corner of the road. However, the system makes all auditory, visual, and tactile alarms for the handover before finally stopping the vehicle. Also, the system alerts other vehicles in the surroundings while moving the vehicle towards the road’s corner as an outcome of continuous unresponsiveness from the driver.

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Elite Special Movie for Japan has been integrated with an incredible human-machine interface that allows the driver to recognize their vehicle’s functioning status in an instant alongside tracking the driving conditions.

Putting it short and condensed, Honda Legend New Sensing Elite Special Movie for Japan is an all-new and advanced version that comes with all the premium autonomous features – making it the first choice for all those in search of a safe and secure vehicle integrated with advanced automatic technology.