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How Long Do Jeep Tires Last?


Buying automobiles has always been expensive. It’s a massive undertaking, and people usually save for months and years before they can buy a car. Some go for their dream cars or luxury cars, while others look for affordable options. Car enthusiasts believe that investing in a vehicle, especially a jeep is a great move. However, it involves some extra items and costs and demands immense care.

Jeep tires are also known as highway tires. They tend to wear out faster compared to other SUVs. Usually, they last between 40,000 and 60,000 miles before they require to be changed. So, if you have a new jeep or have bought a used one, you might be wondering how long do jeep tires last.

This post discusses the average jeep tires’ life expectancy and the factors affecting that average. Read on to find out how long do off-road tires last and how a bit of extra care can help your tires last longer.

Jeep Tires Life Expectancy

For years, people have been concerned about how long do jeep tires last and whether it is worth buying a jeep. Let us tell you that a jeep comes with a lot of benefits. When talking about the jeep tires’ life expectancy, you must know that they wear out faster than other automobiles.

Suppose you are wondering why it happens. Keep reading.

The drive-train design of the jeep is the primary reason why tires wear out quickly. Secondly, it also depends on the usage, how people drive it, and how they maintain it. Thirdly, the improper or frequent use of the 4-wheel-drive is another major reason for the faster accumulation of wear on tires.

Typically, a jeep is not an all-wheel-drive automobile. It’s a part-time 4 wheel-drive instead. Thus, the manufacturer’s design jeeps with solid axles, which are not good for constant use. Also, some people prefer driving their jeeps in the 4-wheel drive mode more than they are supposed to.

Some more reasons are specified below:

Ø Jeep Tire Designs

The people who have jeeps must know that the 4-wheel drive system is specifically designed for jeeps. These are used when driving on snow or dirt. If you end up driving in a 4-wheel drive on dry roads, your tires will wear off more easily. Also, making a sharp turn in 4-wheel drive will cause the car to jump.

Additionally, the front side of the car is not specifically designed to drive on dry pavement. If wheels aren’t turning, the differential permits them to spin at different speeds while turning.

However, you cannot expect the same from the front wheels. It can lead to drive-train strain that will cause more wear to accumulate on the tires. Thus, it can easily be said that the tire design affects its durability and lifespan.

Ø Tire Sizes for Jeep

People know that the jeep tires’ size is always a bit bigger than SUVs. The standard size varies depending on the year and trim. With time, automobile manufacturers have been bringing changes in the jeep tire features and dimensions.

However, the standard size, which has been registered, is between 15″ to 17″. If you are confused about the numbers mentioned on tires, we’ll guide you.

  • The first group of numbers indicates the overall width of the tire according to the metric system in millimeters
  • The second set refers to the aspect ratio of the sidewalls of the tire. Generally, it shows how narrow they are
  • Then, you’ll see a letter, which presents the internal construction. For example, R is for radial and B for bias play
  • Lastly, the two digits provide information on the wheel diameter, which is in inches

Ø Type of Tires

A vehicle needs tires that support its structure and weight and ensure a smooth ride. In the case of jeeps, there are large wheel wells. So, it doesn’t matter which trim, model, or year you have; you can conveniently upgrade its tires. Get the larger ones if you use your jeep more often. Through this, the performance capability is improved.

Additionally, getting larger tires improves the traction and ground clearance. But you cannot ignore how it reduces the overall fuel efficiency. Based on how you plan to use your jeep, you can choose any of the four types of tires:

  • All-Terrain Tires

For both on and off-road use, all-terrain tires are the best. In addition, these offer a better mileage warranty that allows saving some money. However, you must understand that all-terrain tires wear faster.

  • Sand Tires

When you aren’t living in snowy areas, think wisely. For the dry and the muddy regions, choose the sand ones. These consist of treads that are specifically designed to churn sand. Also, these offer better traction.


  • Mud Tires

For jeeps, the mud tires come with deeper tread patterns and larger lugs. These enhance the overall grip power of the jeep. Mud tires also go well for snowy areas. In addition, car enthusiasts prefer this type as it ensures higher durability with thick sidewalls.

  • Winter Tires

Are you planning a trip to snowy areas? Or, if you live in cities where it often snows, choose the winter tires. These would be your best bet. You can use these tires for the season and change them when required. In addition, the winter tires stay soft in snow. Hence, you won’t face trouble like cracking and damage due to low seasonal temperatures.

How Long Do Off-Road Tires Last?

The off-road vehicles are intended to travel on more treacherous ground. These consist of off-road tires and distinctive features.

The off-road tires are specifically designed for people who spend 50% of their time driving off-road. For instance, if you plan one camping trip, you must know the condition and traction demands your vehicle will face. Here, it would help if you had off-road tires.

If you want to know how long do off-road tires last, the answer is that it depends on severity and frequency of usage. If you don’t spend time off-road, you should opt for all-season tires. However, the all-terrain tires wear faster. Hence, it’s better to pay more attention to taking care of your jeep and, most importantly, its tires.

People planning to buy reliable jeeps with good tire life can also look for used vehicles. Jeeps are durable and have features that make it easier to keep them longer. Before buying, focus on learning how long do jeep tires last. Through this, you can make the right decisions.

Final Thoughts

For years, people have been speculating how long do jeep tires last. Some say it longs to last, while others believe that it has lesser life. The overall jeep tires life expectancy depends on the type of tire, size, and use.

Tires are one of the most crucial parts of an automobile. For a smooth and safe drive, you need to ensure that your vehicle has supportive and excellent quality tires. For example, in jeeps, you need ones that provide reliability for both on and off-road.